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Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard is back for iOS users; new updates are awaited!

Microsoft SwiftKey

Microsoft has unexpectedly brought back its SwiftKey keyboard to the App Store. Microsoft announced in October that it will discontinue the SwiftKey app for iOS devices, following which, it had removed the app from the Apple App Store. However, considering customer feedback, SwiftKey iOS has been relisted on the Apple App Store and is available for iOS users once again. 

SwiftKey has returned but the latest update is still from August 11th, 2021, and it is not clear when there will be new updates. Vishnu Nath, Vice President & General Manager, Office Product Group – Microsoft OneNote, has asked users to stay tuned for upcoming updates. 

SwiftKey was first popular on Android devices. In 2014, they released an update to iOS that allowed users to install third-party keyboards. Microsoft acquired SwiftKey in 2016. All this while the app has remained available on Android devices. 

About SwiftKey keyboard 

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard allows you to type faster by predicting the words you are likely to use next. SwiftKey also learns your writing style including the words, phrases, and emojis that are important to you.  

You can easily glide from letter to letter with SwiftKey Flow. You can switch easily between flowing and tapping. To enable or disable Flow, you need to open the Microsoft SwiftKey app>>Tap ‘Settings’ >>Tap the button to toggle Flow on/off. 

SwiftKey app helps you type correctly. It can spot your mistakes, like misspelled words and missed spaces, and fix them for you. If you need to type in two languages at once, SwiftKey can do that too! It supports over 600+ languages. 

iOS users can find more support and information regarding SwiftKey here. 

Other keyboards for iOS users 

Third-party keyboards for the iPhone can be downloaded and used free of charge, but some do offer subscriptions with additional features. You can find a variety of options, including ones that give you more control over the key size or make it easier for emoji characters, have swipe typing features and so on. 

The Gboard Keyboard for iPhone is a multifunctional keyboard that makes it easier to share web content, news, links, Google Maps info, GIFs, stickers, etc. It has a glide-type function that allows you to type quickly. You can also create and send custom stickers and GIFs. 

The Typewise keyboard has the QWERTY design but switches the traditional rectangle-shaped keys for hexagonal ones to more surface area to type more accurately. Newer versions have features like automatic language detection, an undo button and text replacement for often-used phrases. 

The Grammarly keyboard is a popular keyboard app for iPhone and iPad. It uses Grammarly’s grammar and spelling tools to provide the user with built-in grammar checks and real-time writing suggestions. 

Some other popular choices include Flesky, Bitmoji, and GO keyboards.  

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