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MWC Shanghai 2019
MWC Shanghai 2019 will provide a unique opportunity and relationship building to the attendees. It will include over 550 participating companies who will showcase the latest innovations and thought leadership conference featuring inspiring keynotes and discussions. It will also recognize leading mobile solutions and initiatives around the world.
MWC Americas 2019
MWC Americas is North America’s leading event for the tech industry. It is an unprecedented display of cutting-edge technology from nearly 1000 leading companies and a world renown ensemble of leading thinking minds. It will talk about the advancing intelligent connectivity like 5G, AI, IoT, and Big Data. This is the perfect opportunity to grow with powerful business decision makers.
Big Data Toronto 2019
Big Data Toronto 2019 will help you solve your data-driven business challenges to help you navigate the latest big data tools. It will give you a 360 degree view on the industry with two complete days of conference programming, product demos, skill-based workshops. Join more than 50,000 attendees, 90 exhibiting brands and over 150 speakers. Big Data can be the most productive conference you will attend this year.
Cloud Expo Asia Singapore 2019
Cloud Expo is Asia’s biggest and most transformational event of the year. With over 17, 132 delegates, more than 350 technology providers and 500+ global expert practitioners it will offer great knowledge and networking opportunities. Attendees can access a wealth of knowledge and guidance on emerging cloud trends, learn new strategies and get to know about new market forecasts.
Cloud Expo Asia Hong Kong
Cloud Expo Asia Hong Kong will bring together the world’s leading minds, leaders, practitioners etc. to discuss the topics and concerns of the digital transformation field. Get amazing networking opportunities and connect on common challenges. Learn new market strategies and know about various emerging trends of the market.
Blockchain Expo Europe 2019 will focus on the future of enterprise technology. The two-days event to be held at RAI, Amsterdam, will have leading brands, embracing and developing cutting edge blockchain technologies. The event is co-located with AI & Big Data Expo, IoT Tech Expo, Cyber Security & Cloud Expo.
The world’s largest Blockchain Conference & Exhibition will focus on the future of technology in enterprise. The event will have two days of top-level content from world’s leading brands, embracing and developing cutting edge blockchain technologies. It is co-located with AI & Big Data Expo, IoT Tech Expo and Cyber Security and Cloud Expo.
Chief Data Analytics Officers & Influencers, Financial Services event will bring over 40 expert speakers from various financial services institutions. They will form strategies to fully embrace data and analytics in financial organizations to meet varying customer expectations with respect to changing technologies like AI, IoT, ML etc.
Come and be a part of the 5th annual HITLAB Innovators Summit, New Delhi – bringing together leaders in health, tech, design, policy, and impact investing to discuss digital solutions for pressing health issues. This year the theme is: Empowering meaningful digital health innovation for India’s 1.3+ billion lives.
Chief Data, Analytics Officers & Influencers event will bring together more than 60 expert speakers and over 200 data and analytics leaders to discuss strategies to overcome data challenges of various organization, government and other key areas where data is extensively used. Join the conversation and hear from the key leaders from this space.
3rd Internet of Things expo 2019 focuses on the growing IoT infrastructure in India, thus providing an opportunity to the thought leaders to discuss the latest trends and technology disruptions in various industry verticals. The event will see exhibitors from fields like –AI, blockchain, cloud services, data science etc.
Get ready to witness 200+ key thought-leaders & industrial practitioners who will discuss challenges and opportunities of decentralized, distributed intelligence at the Edge AI Summit 2018. Join us as we examine the use cases of edge-based AI applications and explore this new computing paradigm.
Global Digital Forum will see the coming together of world thought leaders and professionals discuss strategies
for innovation and business growth. The
event will explore the real-world application
and usage of artificial intelligence, security
& blockchain, internet of things, and
cloud services.
IoT India 2018 works towards bringing fresh insights from real world experiences of IoT in India and dive-deep into the ongoing issues that call for industry-wide
efforts and collaboration; while also stirring
its audience towards adoption of IoT
in Manufacturing.
Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Europe 2018 will explore how data and analytics leaders can make insightful decisions and drive innovation. The event will explore strategies and different approaches for making use of data and analytics in an organization through
real-life case studies to revolutionize utility of analytics led data.
Cloud Expo Asia 2018 is Asia’s biggest cloud and digital transformation which will be held between 10th-11th October at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. The two-day event will discuss about various topics like DevOps, IoT, Cloud, Big data and infrastructure. It will be the coming together of small to large enterprises, startups to discuss and learn more about digital transformation.
The Future Packet Transport Networks, 2018 will discuss about the threats and opportunities in the technologies that are required to build and run a cost-sustainable future telecom network. It will see the leaders of the telecom industry discussing the innovative technologies like 5G, X-haul and other upcoming technological breakthroughs in the field of telecom industry.
Chief Analytics Officer, Fall 2018, Boston will
explore how analytics leaders can bring innovation within their business. The event will also discuss about the future of analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Be a part of this event full of learning and
networking opportunities.
AI & IoT 2018 is the ultimate platform to gain knowledge and exchange new ideas amongst the various technologists, industrialists, professionals, innovators, researchers and students who are researching in areas related to Ai, robotics and IoT through keynote sessions, presentations, workshops etc.
CCW Executive Exchange – brought to you by the creators of CCW, is an event that celebrates networking opportunities and acts a platform to build connections that grow into long-term partnerships. Witness inspiring keynotes, case studies, and group discussions and 1:1 business meetings.
The IoT India Expo brings the latest technology innovations across the world of IoT – wearable, smart cities, data analytics, enablers and much more. This year the event will focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Virtual Reality and Wearable technology.
The Internet of Things Summit will bring together 100+ IoT, Analytics and Big Data experts. The two-day sessions will provide insights into the IoT and how industries can capitalize on IoT along with some key takeaways to tackle the companies challenges through interactive workshops and open forum discussions.
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