Microsoft introduces updates in Teams to enhance connection and collaboration

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Microsoft Teams

Since its inception, Microsoft Teams has been a powerful communication tool for businesses. Now, it’s getting even better with some new updates that make it easier to collaborate and get work done. With these new features, teams can connect and communicate more effectively than ever before. So, what exactly is new in Microsoft Teams? Keep reading to find out! 

Enhanced Microsoft Teams meeting experience 

Assign seats: Organizers and presenters can now assign seats to the participants in Together mode. This will give participants a feeling like they’re in the same room during virtual meetings.  

Assign seats

Pop shared meeting content out of the main window: Users were earlier already able to pop individual chat conversations, meetings, and calls out of the main window to streamline the workflow. Now, users can also take shared meeting content out of the main window so that they can see both the shared content and meeting participants more easily. 

Live translated captions: Microsoft Teams with live AI-powered translated captions breaks down language barriers for global meetings and calls. Real-time translations from 40 spoken languages help participants read captions in their own language. The live translated captions feature is temporarily available to all customers. Once Teams Premium is available, each user will need a Microsoft Teams Premium license to take advantage of live translated captions. If an organizer has Teams Premium, then all meeting attendees will be able to view live translated captions. 

Updated companion mode in Teams mobile: Microsoft has updated companion mode in Teams mobile to enable in-room attendees to quickly access engagement features like chat, live reactions, and Microsoft Whiteboard. It will become easier to access meeting and device controls, such as the ability to join a meeting, cast a PowerPoint, turn room cameras on and off, mute the room, and more. This updated companion mode, which was previously available in iOS, is now available in Android. 

Updates in Calls App 

See call history: Users will be able to view detailed call history and will be able to access call recordings and transcriptions from within call details. They will get a more comprehensive view of their call history. Users can see how calls arrived, whether any call was transferred or forwarded, and how calls were controlled once received.  

Create contact groups in the Calls App: Users can now create and edit groups of people they contact often in the Calls App. Users can easily add or remove people as needed. The right rail pane will show these groups. 

Chat and collaboration updates 

Microsoft 365 connected templates: Microsoft has combined select Microsoft Teams templates with SharePoint site templates into the same flow of creation. When a user creates a new team using a default template, the connected SharePoint template gets applied automatically. 

Adobe PDF experience: Adobe Acrobat can be set as the default app to view and edit PDF files in the Microsoft Teams admin center. End-users will be able to view, search, comment, and annotate PDF files without an Adobe Acrobat subscription or an Adobe ID. 

Suggested replies in group chat: Users can now simply reply with one click by choosing a suggested response to their group chat.  

Video clip: Users can now create short, lightweight, rich video clips to express themselves and deliver a more personal touch thereby strengthening connections. Users can just record, send and view a video clip in chat.  

Delete or rename files in a channel and OneDrive folder in Teams: If a user wants to rename or delete a file in a channel, he must first go to the files tab and find the file. Then select More options on the file. For renaming or deleting a file from OneDrive, the user must select More at the bottom of the app, then select Files. After finding the file, select the three dots and rename or delete the file. 

Scheduling form pop-outs in Teams calendar: Users can now pop out an existing meeting using the pop-up icon in a Teams calendar scheduling form. This will enable them to view multiple meetings in separate windows while checking their chats or editing their files without switching apps. 

Certified devices 

Crestron Flex: The Crestron Flex Displays for Microsoft Teams are perfect for quick access to all of the features in Microsoft Teams. They’re great for both in-office hot desks and remote home offices. The displays were designed to help with daily workflow and activity, freeing up other devices for more specialized work. 

Creston Flex displays

Sony YY2969 Earbuds: Sony’s new LinkBuds headphones make online meetings more convenient. The new ring driver unit features an open central diaphragm that lets people tune in to their call and their surroundings. This is ideal for multitasking and on-the-go work. Users can control calls by tapping the headphones. These Microsoft Teams-certified headphones include Teams-specific features like joining a meeting, receiving calls, and raising hands for meetings in Microsoft Teams. 

Other updates in Teams  

There are many other updates in Teams. These include: 

  • ISV App Subscriptions replaces 3P app subscriptions in Teams Admin Center 
  • Simplified app update experience 
  • Teams Platform Apps in One-on-One VOIP calls 
  • Teams Platform Apps in group VOIP calls 
  • Zero install link unfurling 
  • Usage analytics for Teams administrators and users upgraded 
  • Enhancement to app usage report  
  • Updates in Teams for Education 
  • Updates for Government and frontline workers 

Read in detail about these updates here. 

Image and Source credits: Microsoft 

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