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With a strong focus on digital transformation brought about by disruptive technologies, including Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and more, Wire19 attracts key technology decision makers- such as CIOs, CEOs, enterprise architects, infrastructure specialists and more, across a wide range of verticals.Wire19 is a comprehensive information portal that promotes knowledge sharing and interaction between the industry members via news, informative articles, infographics, CXO’s interviews, reports, industry events and conferences, and more. Our team of IT experts and reporters keep a close watch on the latest trends and bring the most refined pieces of information to ardent readers – service providers, industry veterans, key decision makers, IT executives and thought leaders.


Working with the ZNet across its Wire19 and Daily Host News media sites has been a particularly smooth and fruitful experience. The publications have increased visibility in the b2b technology target markets for several of our clients. The publication group does a great job of bringing valuable and actionable content to its audience, we’ll absolutely be continuing to work with ZNet.

-Kyle Peterson, Partner at Clement | Peterson

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