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Wire19 is an IT magazine with a strong focus on Digital Transformation, brought about by modern technologies, such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and more.
Submit your press release if it is related to cloud, AI, IoT, big data, or any other technology contributing to digital transformation.

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Press Release Submission Guidelines

1. Submitted press release should be 100% free from plagiarism.
2. Our editorial team will review the content before publishing.
3. We hold the right to make minor edits to the submission
4. Submit your press release only if it falls under the topics we cover.
5. The sole purpose of press release shouldn’t be marketing and advertising. It should provide valuable information to our readers.
6. If you are using any statistics in the submission, give proper credit to the original source for credibility
7. Only relevant and active links will be allowed. The number of links in PR shouldn’t be more than 1 link per 100 words. For example, if the PR has 400 words, the number of links should not be more than 4.
8. Don’t use direct call-outs like ‘I’ and ‘You’ in the press release.
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