“Our IoT-based safety products – PugMarg, make life safe for children, women, and senior citizens”— Harish Adatiya, CEO, Airavat Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd

Harish Adatiya, CEO, Airavat Corporate Services

Airavat Corporate Services is making great strides as the inventor of safety product line – PugMarg. The one of its kind “Make in India” product, is innovated, designed and developed in India.  Also, the data of the child is saved on a secure Indian server, which ensures complete data privacy.

Read on as we interview Harish on winning the Most Innovative Entrepreneur category at the SIDBI ET MSE awards.

1. Provide us with a brief overview of Airavat Corporate Services. What is its mission, vision and who are the founding members?

Airavat Corporate Services came into inception in 2015. The company is a technology-oriented charter that provides IT solutions and GPS based safety solutions for children, women and senior citizens.  As a technology-oriented company, we create products ranging from child safety, women-centric solutions, and senior citizens. We also deal in workforce management in private as well as government sectors.  The company is dedicated to safe, ethical and lawful manufacturing standards.

We deal in Children, Women, and Senior Citizen safety products known as PugMarg.

PugMarg is an IT-based security solution for children.  PugMarg is a state of the art, smart, standalone, digital, safety device, which when carried by a child in the form of an ID card around their neck, shows the exact location of the child from time to time using the Global Positioning System.

  • It displays the exact location of the child on the MAP of the authorized users, the parents, through the PugMarg Parent App.
  • It gives the parents the ability to trace their child 24×7. It also has, integrated in itself, the SMS service, which automatically sends text alerts in case the child moves out of the safe zone.
  • It has an inbuilt Emergency Call feature, which enables the child to call the parent in case a Panic situation arises.
  • It gives the parent peace of mind because it keeps them updated about their child’s location and movement from time to time even when they cannot be physically present with them.
  • It also helps in school administration, where it uses the GPS based tracking system for following of children all through the transport, aids in Communication for parents, Attendance Management, as well as maintenance of a Daily Dairy, which records homework and various notifications in the school on a day-to-day basis, and all this without the use of a cell phone, which is prohibited in all schools.

Currently, our organization is working with multiple industries and corporates. We are into supply, installation and maintenance of IT infrastructure. Apart from that we are building our team and working towards the goal of being a turnkey contractor in Central India in the coming years.

Our present customers are Poddar International School, Nagpur; Aptech Montana, Pune, and in the pipeline are Jain International School, Nagpur, Bombay Scottish, Mumbai and few others.

  • ITD Cementation India Ltd.
  • M/s TGN Corporate Advisors Pvt Ltd, Nagpur
  • M/s MCB Solutions (I) Pvt Ltd, Pune
  • M/s Balaji Infotech, Nagpur
  • M/s Shree Infotech, Nagpur
  • B9 Beverages Pvt Ltd, Nagpur
  • Veracity Natural Resources, Nagpur
  • Shree Gulabrao Deokar College of Engineering, Jalgaon
  • SSS Indira Institute of Polytechnic, Nanded
  • Ramai Infotech, Nagpur
  • Rotary Mihan Town, Nagpur
  • M/s Techgressor Soft Solutions Pvt LTD
  • M/s Chandrakant Hanumandas Malpani & Associates, Aurangabad
  • Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Nagpur.

Vision of the Company

Our vision is to be the world leaders in technology solutions to influence the growth and development of the people.

Mission of the Company

The mission of the company is to make the lives of people around us better and safer through our technology solutions and innovation.

Founding Members

I have been a solo founder. And when I launched my startup, I was young with dreams but no inheritance per se. The problem wasn’t really that, it was that, when I would be down, somewhere down the line, I would have to keep my head in the game and pick myself back up again and set myself back on the right course.

Having a co-founder relieves you of that responsibility. You have someone to count upon. Your investors know that as well. Having addressed a lot of students and budding entrepreneurs, it’s always said — “Do whatever your business needs you to do”. And that is true for all facets of one’s business, including hiring.

It doesn’t matter who thought of the idea, the first thing you need to figure out are the skills that are needed for the business. One cannot boast of having all the skill sets and so one goes looking for resources that complement the set of skills one has, and together you contribute to a large segment of the set of skills your business needs at the moment. Now, whether I was able to bring these individuals onboard as an employee or as a co-founder, that is something that didn’t matter much. When building the team, as long as the team showed promise of being a strong, cohesive unit, I did whatever needed to be done.

Hence, two/three heads are better than one. You possess certain skillsets; your co-founder(s) possess certain complementing skillsets. Together, we have made a formidable team.

Concise personal profiles of the key people at Airavat Corporate Services:

  1. Harish Adatiya: A young, dynamic CEO; a lethal combination of being a technical wizard with excellent marketing skills. I completed BE (Information Technology) with 5 years of experience in various corporates in project management, operations management and team management, and worked in Pune and Nagpur as Zonal Project Manager. At “Airavat Corporate Services” I make all major corporate decisions, manage the company’s overall resources and operations and communicate with the board of directors, management team and corporate operations.

I lead the team by example and work tirelessly to see that the long and short term goals of the company are being continuously met.

I personally oversee all operations and business activities to ensure they    produce the desired results and are consistent with the overall strategy, vision, and mission of the company so that I can make “Airavat Corporate Services” the biggest conglomerate in the years to come.  My passion for the enterprise speaks volumes and has translated effectively in the innovation and development of the unique product. The product has won me accolades in all spheres as well as in varied places where we have showcased and pitched it till date.

  1. Sunita Pathak:  She has a master’s degree, a thorough professional with excellent management skills.  She manages the entire end-to-end workforce of the organization to the last detail. She has about 20 years of experience in the chosen field and is essentially the voice of Airavat Corporate Services Private Limited.
  2. Ritesh Mankar: An IT professional, having a background of electronics and telecommunications. He has had 5 years of experience with Tata Consultancy Services as an Operational Head and thus efficiently manages all Operations within the organization.

2. What challenges did you face before tasting success?

The challenges when developing an IT-based product are manifold; once the idea was reached upon, research and development had its own set of challenges in India, no financial support from the government or others, acceptance of a new idea or product in the market, and last but not the least the commercials pertaining to the end product.

Also read: “Technology has played a substantial role for managing product delivery and client retention through organic loyalty”— Aman Arora, Co-founder & Director, Keventers

3. What do you consider your strengths that help you take your business to new heights?

My biggest strengths are patience, passion for my work, pushing myself to the limits in order to reach my goals, people skills, analytical thinking, logical approach, and a sense of compassion to make a difference in the society with a social cause in mind.

4. How adopting latest technologies like the cloud helped you spread your wings?

PugMarg is based on IoT (Internet of Things) based technology which is based on Cloud technology. Due to this, we are able to give the services anywhere around the globe at a low cost.

5. What sets your business apart from your competitors?

The two factors that differentiate our product from its competition is that; it is a one of its kind “Make in India” product, which is innovated, designed and developed in India as well as claims to have prompt after-sales service.  Also, the data of the child is saved on the secure Indian server, which is the basis of total security of the child without the data being misused by any persons anywhere whatsoever.

We have a social cause behind selling and we are adding value to our idea which is a definite solution in terms of child safety and security, which no other product in the same league provides. With its unique time tested features, it is not just any other commodity. Our competition does not even provide half the features that our organization is providing in the ID card for children.

The product is a onetime investment for the customer because of the durability of the product and is built keeping young children in mind. We have not compromised on the quality or the accuracy of the product for profitable reasons like the others. We are charging only for the technology which incidentally does not come free or cheap.

6. What trends do you see in your industry in the next 5 years?

With changing trends in consumer behaviour, technology would play a major role in the next 5 years to come. People would want to feel more connected to the external environment and technological trends in finding solutions through technology in the physical and digital worlds would be the need of the hour, and also the need to feel protected and supported through various new IT solutions.

7. What is in your roadmap for the year 2020?

Along with making the above solutions a roaring success; moving ahead, the company does have a few safety solutions in the pipeline to be launched which would cater to the women as well as the elderly.

The women-centric solutions will be designed in the form of accessories so as to get easily accepted with our target audiences.

Abuse of the elderly is also a major concern in India; and therefore, with a social cause in mind, as always, the company will design products keeping in mind the age and various other concerns affecting them.

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