7 emerging jobs every tech student should try

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Jobs for tech students

We all know that technology is one of the fastest-growing fields of the 21st century. Although humanity has always craved for innovation and never stopped coming up with new technological inventions, now we’ve hit the point when technology is developing faster than ever. And this means a constantly growing demand for tech specialists.

Students with tech majors have plenty of career opportunities. Depending on your skillset and specific field of study, you can choose from a variety of career paths. But, given that this industry is ever-changing, how can one pick the right job that will remain relevant and up to date?

It’s hard to deny that the future of employment is already here. While many professions that have been around for decades become obsolete, new, more modern positions continue appearing in every industry. And the tech niche is not an exception. In this article, we are going to tell you about some of the most exciting emerging jobs in this sphere that tech students should definitely try.

Top 7 careers of the future for tech students

If you are currently in college, you can choose to start working on your career after graduation. Or you can land your first job while still being a student. Of course, only if you are ready for the related challenges and have a reliable academic helper who you can ask “please, write an essay for me” when you are busy at work. But, whatever path you choose, you should start thinking about your future job already.

As a tech student, you can choose a standard career path. For example, you can pursue a job as an app developer, web designer, web developer, etc. But, what if you are looking for something even more modern? Then, you should consider the following emerging jobs.

Cloud Engineer

Cloud computing is not something completely new to us, but it has been gaining momentum recently. Due to the global lockdown measures and the need to establish a seamless remote working process, cloud computing has become an absolute must. And that’s why the demand for cloud computing specialists has grown dramatically over the past year.

At this point, cloud engineer is an emerging job that will likely stay. Often, this role comes under a variety of other titles, such as cloud developers, architects, etc. But the main responsibility remains the same. These specialists are responsible for planning, monitoring, and managing cloud systems within their organizations.

VR Developer

In case a regular game, app, or web developer job sounds too boring to you, becoming a VR (Virtual Reality) developer might be a great alternative. With the first headsets being introduced to the market in 2015, VR is still gaining momentum. And, it is assumed to have a huge potential in the business landscape.

With that being said, it is worth noting that businesses across the globe are now willing to adopt VR and experiment with it. But, to do this, they need to hire expert VR developers.

Specialists predict that the demand for VR developers will keep growing in the future. Thus, it is another great career opportunity of the future.

UX Designer

Frankly speaking, a UX (User Experience) designer is not an entirely new job. It has been around for quite a while. But we have to say that it is on the rise, so it makes pretty good sense to consider this opportunity.

Today, when consumers have so much choice in every sphere, it becomes extremely important not only to ensure the best quality of the products or services a business launches to the market but also to deliver an outstanding user experience. And that’s exactly what UX designers do – they ensure that websites, apps, or software meet the needs and expectations of consumers.

Data Scientist

Another option on our list is also not as new and emerging as others, but there is a huge demand for it and it is expected that it will grow even bigger in the future.

In the modern digital world, data is one of the most valuable assets any business can have. Every single day, companies collect and use more and more data, so the need for expert data scientists keeps skyrocketing.

This tech career has plenty of perks. Most importantly, if you decide to be a data scientist, you will unlock job opportunities in pretty much every industry from healthcare to entertainment because data matters in every sector to let organizations make more informed decisions.

AI Developer

AI or artificial intelligence is the next big thing in the world of tech. Ever since this term (in its current meaning) appeared, the leading corporations never seized competing with each other trying to make a new breakthrough in this direction. And it seems like this is not going to change any time soon, so the need for AI developers is already big and will only keep rising.

AI development is definitely a job of the future. Thus, if you have the necessary skills and want to do meaningful and interesting work, this might be the perfect option for you.

Machine Learning Engineer

This is one more option for students seeking a career in a dynamic, fast-moving, and exciting industry.

Together with AI, machine learning is the technology of the future. So the demand for machine learning engineers is high as well. The main task of specialists in this role is to use big data for building complex algorithms that make it possible to program a machine to perform tasks similar to a human. The core concept behind this is to enable the machine to improve and learn on its own, without human interference.

Security Engineer

The last job option on our list, but not the least exciting one is security engineering. Along with the growth and expansion of technology, the world has faced one major issue – cybersecurity.

Today, both corporate and private users are being subject to a growing number of cyber threats. Due to this reason, the demand for expert security engineers has skyrocketed. The main responsibility of a security engineer is to ensure the security of networks and systems in order to protect them from the existing cyber hazards.

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