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Accenture transforms its ‘Code of Business Ethics’ using AI and machine learning capabilities 

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Accenture, on Wednesday, said that it has developed a chatbot leveraging AI and machine learning capabilities to transform its Code of Business Ethics.

An organization uses Code of Business Ethics to manage the values, responsibilities, and ethical obligations. Accenture is applying design thinking and integrating intelligent technology to it using the chatbot called COBE, which will make the Code interactive and mobile-first tool instead of just a legal document.

COBE enables Accenture employees to anonymously access the information and resources they need, and identify new topics and training opportunities.

“Our Code isn’t just a document – it’s what we believe, how we live and how we lead,” said Pierre Nanterme, Accenture’s chairman and CEO. “It’s embedded in all we do, empowering our people to operate with the highest standards so they can lead with confidence and help create a better world.”

There are new topics included in the Code including the use of data privacy, human rights, and new technologies, which will help the employees to engage in the workplace interactions.

For example, there is a section in Code which states that company pledge to develop secure, transparent and explainable AI systems

“Our focus is on giving our people the tools and resources to think critically, and the new chatbot will help them look at ethics in a new, more interactive way,” said Chad Jerdee, Accenture’s general counsel and chief compliance officer. “By using digital technology to embed ethical decision-making into how our people work and live, we’re empowering the next generation of business leaders to build their decision-making skills in a rapidly changing digital environment, where new ethical issues arise every day.”

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With the digital and intelligent Code of Business Ethics, Accenture shows why Ethisphere has named it the most ethical companies for ten times in a row.

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