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Accenture joins ‘Partnership on AI’ to benefit people and society with artificial intelligence

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Accenture, on Monday announced that it has joined hands with PAI (Partnership on AI), the alliance of businesses, researchers, academics and policy makers that work to advance the understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, to address few of the important global challenges like health, education, food, and economic opportunity.

Accenture will share its insights, research and capabilities in Responsible AI, a practical approach to benefit human life using AI, and join other prominent industry leaders who also contribute to AI field for benefits of the society.

“We are thrilled to join the Partnership on AI. We believe businesses, governments and academia have a critical role in co-innovating and applying AI to invent new educational, workforce and business models that are both responsible and responsive to the needs of people and society. It’s up to us to ensure AI can truly be a force for public good,” said Paul Daugherty, Accenture’s chief technology & innovation officer. “Our experience and research demonstrates that AI’s true potential can only be achieved by adopting a ‘people first’ approach that reflects what we call Responsible AI – being fair, accountable, honest, transparent and human-centric in how we apply AI. We are proud to join the Partnership on AI to contribute in these areas and help define a successful and impactful future for AI.”

Accenture has joined PAI with an aim to help people achieve more using AI. It is investing in AI through its #AI4Good initiative to unlock AI’s value.

The Partnership on AI is a non-profit organization that studies and formulates best practices on development, testing, and fielding of AI technologies. It was founded by IT market leaders including Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and IBM to advance the public’s understanding of AI and how AI holds a great promise for raising the lives of people.

“At Accenture, we understand the growth that AI can generate for businesses. Pioneering leaders are wielding it to reinvent how businesses innovate, operate, and compete,” said Nicola Morini, global lead for Accenture’s AI strategic growth initiative. “We are firmly committed to the Partnership on AI and its mission. Through our involvement, we will extend our current collaboration with our industry peers and ecosystem partners, and harness our combined thinking and talents to identify important areas for discussion and resolution, and formulate best practices to help AI achieve its potential to positively impact our world.”

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Along with Accenture, 21 other organizations too have joined Partnership on AI, and the total number of PAI partners has climbed to 53.

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