DronaHQ launches API Genie, a tool for creating APIs from web apps

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DronaHQ, a leading provider of digital enablement products and solutions for enterprises, today announced the launch of its product ‘API Genie’.

API Genie is a high productivity tool that can be used by IT teams and developers to instantly create APIs from any web application. It helps in data scraping, process automation, app modernization and digital transformation for enterprises.

APIs are central to digital transformation. Building APIs consumes a lot of time and cost. The tool will automate previously manual and tedious task of creating APIs and re-writing the logic, simplifying the API creation process, via the use of a smart tool.

API Genie helps in creating APIs of websites behind login page, handling form inputs and file uploads, automatic session management, supporting windows network login a.k.a NTLM for enterprises, supporting HTML, XML and JSON data scraping, post process api response for advance data massaging, host and manage api versions and API key management.

This tool is a major step forward in facilitating digital transformation and help build APIs on top of legacy apps. These APIs can be consumed for websites, web-apps, native mobile apps, and integration with other products.

“API Genie tool is set to give opportunities for large digital players and individual developers alike to be able to launch APIs in a drastically reduced amount of time,” said Jinen Dedhia, Co-founder & MD, DronaHQ.

“The vision that DronaHQ has set for itself as a true digital enabler is very exciting, we are building tools that support digitization from start-to-end i.e. building APIs from legacy systems, low code app development tools, app distribution tools, app managements tools, API Gateway, Dashboard and more. Hence API Genie plays an important role in completing the ecosystem offerings.”

There are numerous potential enterprise application use cases. For example, imagine you found a website selling co-working spaces and wanted to get a spreadsheet with all the available spaces, prices, etc., but the website doesn’t make that information accessible in tabular form.

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You can use API Genie to build an API for you in a few seconds. Then you could use this API and get into excel or app, etc. The possibilities are unlimited. For businesses this opens up new market opportunities, accelerating innovation, expanding into new business verticals and building future ready platform for applications.

Images source: DronaHQ

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