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Alteon Cloud Debuts Latest Version, Solving Systemic Problems in the Production Industry

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Developments focus on organizational power, custom meta tags and handling large video files

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Alteon Cloud, a new platform that securely manages content in the cloud and speeds up workflows for production professionals, has launched its latest version today, its largest update in a year. These updates add long-awaited features that leverage Alteon’s unique partnerships and technologies, which help content creators focus less on workflows and more on the work itself.

Alteon Cloud streamlines workflows with high-speed file transfers, scalable cloud content storage, customizable metadata, Adobe Premiere integration and A.I. content analysis. In collaboration with business partners IBM and Vidispine, Alteon Cloud offers enterprise-grade tools that have previously been unattainable for mainstream content creators, delivered in a user-friendly interface that non-technical users can easily use right away.

Organization is at the heart of Alteon Cloud, and this latest version moves toward giving users the power to search for files via their metadata and custom meta tags, while continuing to allow for customizable sorting options and filtering by file type. Alteon Cloud also now has the capacity to handle large files, with upload speeds significantly cut down, thanks to Alteon’s partnership with IBM Aspera.

“We’re incredibly excited about these latest developments,” said Matt Cimaglia, co-creator of Alteon and founder of Third Summit, Alteon’s parent company, who has worked in the production industry for more than 20 years. “Alteon Cloud was designed to democratize the production industry, and by leveraging advanced cloud and A.I. technology, we’re able to bring high-grade solutions to mainstream content creators for a price they can afford. With these new tools, creators can worry less about the mechanics of their workflow, and instead focus on the work they love.”

For information about Alteon Cloud, please contact Alteon’s director of sales, Karen Fonda, at To learn more about Alteon Cloud, please visit

About Alteon: Alteon is a SaaS platform that makes it easier for brands, agencies, influencers and creatives to work together. By leveraging A.I. and cloud technology, this comprehensive production ecosystem tackles key pain points for production professionals by helping users collaborate seamlessly, handle payments faster and find work more easily. For more, visit

About Third Summit: Third Summit is assembling a collective of agile companies that offer enterprise-grade digital media and advertising solutions to the mainstream marketplace. As technology democratizes the media industry, Third Summit focuses on products that empower small businesses and independent freelancers to compete with larger multinational agencies and studios. For more, visit


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