Top 150 most valuable and strongest telecoms operator brands

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As the telecommunications industry continues to grow and evolve, keeping track of who’s-who in terms of establishing a strong presence can be difficult. Brand Finance has compiled a list of companies based on their brand value. In this post we will explore the Top 150 most valuable and strongest telecoms operator brands according to Brand Finance 2023 rankings. Read on to find out who has made it onto this list and what makes them so successful!

Verizon ranks as the world’s most valuable telecoms brand despite slight reduction, US$67.4 billion

Despite a minor decrease in its brand value, Verizon continues to dominate the telecoms sector as it retains its title of most valuable telecoms brand for an unprecedented fourth consecutive year.

Brand Finance recently released its annual Telecoms 150 2023 ranking which included over 100 brands across countries and sectors; in this index, U.S.-based carrier Verizon was given an impressive valuation of US$67.4 billion – despite experiencing a 3% reduction compared to last year’s figure.

Due to a pandemic-led boom in wireless internet demand, Verizon has lost subscribers to competitors in the telecoms industry in 2022, which led to its slight brand value decrease. Verizon’s 5G network will be the brand’s primary focus going forward. Moreover, wireless mobility and nationwide broadband will be two of the most significant contributors to its planned growth in 2023. It is focusing on innovation, continued investment, and incorporating advanced technology deployment to provide a better offering to consumers, businesses, and the public sector.

Deutsche Telekom brand value up by 5% on rollout of 5G in US and globally

Deutsche Telekom brand value rose by 5% to US$62.9 billion and is again both the second most valuable telecoms brand globally and Europe’s most valuable brand. This impressive performance can be attributed to the brand’s strong organic revenue growth within European markets, with steady growth of customers across the board. However, the brand’s value has grown significantly with its record customer additions in the United States.

Sunrise is the fastest-growing telecoms brand following UPC merger, up 68%

Swiss full-service provider, Sunrise, is the fastest growing telecoms brand in the ranking with a 68% increase in brand value reaching US$1.8 billion. This results from a successful merger with Switzerland’s largest cable operator, UPC, in 2021. Sunrise has also introduced a new brand design and logo as part of a brand refresh. It also launched the Sunrise Business brand, which strengthens its identification with and positions within the business customer segment.

U.S based brand Optimum closely follows as the second fastest growing brand with an increase of 67% to a brand value of US$2.5 billion after a similarly successful merger. The brand merged with Suddenlink in 2022 and has brought all the company’s telecommunications goods under a single name. Moreover, it also launched a new nationwide brand campaign, “Get Closer, Go Farther”. This emphasises bringing customers closer together with Optimum products and services.

Lorenzo Coruzzi, Senior Consultant, Brand Finance, commented:

“Both outlined mergers and subsequent brand-refreshes highlight two examples of the benefit for brands of adjusting their brand architecture and combining two or more weaker brands under a more distinct and consolidated master-brand. This indicates significant brand value potential to be unlocked by other such brands operating under an unconsolidated brand architecture.”

AT&T witnesses brand value growth after spinning off its media arm

AT&T increased brand value by 6% to US$49.6 billion in 2023 following a redirection in business strategy in which it spun off its media arm for focusing directly on its telecoms business. In 2021, AT&T said that it would spin off WarnerMedia into a new company and completed the move in April 2022 and formed a separate media company – Warner Bros. In 2022, it focused on its go-to-market strategy, providing high-quality wireless and fibre services, and continuing to invest in its 5G technologies.

Swisscom is the strongest telecoms brand earning 92/100 and elite AAA+ rating; Jio and Etisalat by e& are the second and third strongest brands

Brand Finance have developed a comprehensive evaluation process to not only assess the value of brands, but also ascertain their relative strength. Utilizing best-practice ISO 20671 guidelines and up-to-date research collated from an expansive survey spanning 38 countries and 31 sectors with over 150,000 respondents – Brand Finance provide crucial insights for businesses looking to make informed decisions about brand performance.

Swisscom increased brand value by 5% to US$6.3 billion and is the strongest telecoms brand with a Brand Strength Index (BSI) score of 92. It is the third strongest brand globally and earns an elite AAA+ brand rating. It recently announced its new Fixed Wireless Access 5G service for business customers which is a continuation of its pioneering work in the European 5G market. Swisscom stands apart from other telco brands due to its robust combination of trust, coverage, and network perceptions. Furthermore, Swisscom’s immensely appreciated customer service has earned it a high brand strength index score that confirms its excellence in the telecommunications industry.

Indian brand Jio is the second-strongest telecoms brand having a brand strength index score of 90/100 and earning an elite AAA+ rating. It increased its brand value up to 6% to US$5.4 billion; a two-point rise from last year. The brand focused on rolling out of 5G in India, and is now extending coverage to 257 cities in the country and looking to further increase this at a rapid rate. 5G services have already generated widespread benefits to Indian consumer and in sectors like education, healthcare and agriculture. These benefits and the growth opportunities presented by Jio’s 5G network have helped Jio build an extremely strong brand strength index score. It is one of only two AAA+ rated telecoms brands in the ranking.

Etisalat by e& rose its brand value by 4% to US$10.5 billion and is the third strongest telecoms brand globally with a BSI score of 89.1 out of 100. Etisalat by e& is a telecoms brand of the global technology group e&. Etisalat by e& has experienced an exciting transformation, evolving into a tech-driven telecoms brand with robust 5G connectivity. This shift to excellence is further evidenced through higher customer satisfaction leading to improved NPS scores and enhanced employee morale due to its strong company culture – making it one of the most desirable employers in the sector today.

stc and Etisalat by e& lead in Middle East

Saudi Arabian brand stc’s brand value is up by 17% to US$12.3 billion and is the most valuable Middle Eastern telecoms brand and the second strongest telecoms brand here with a brand strength index score of 87 out of 100 and a corresponding AAA rating. The brand’s value was positively impacted by stc’s technological investments to continue delivering on its ambitious strategy and increased focus on the expansion of the brand in adjacent sectors like ICT and IT.

Etisalat by e& is the second most valuable telecoms brand in the Middle East.

Safaricom has the highest Sustainability Perception Score, whereas Verizon has the largest Sustainability Perceptions Value

Brand Finance has identified sustainability as a key factor that contributes considerable value to brands. To assess this, we measure the ‘Sustainability Perception Score’, which takes into account how environmentally friendly customers perceive each brand to be. This score forms the basis for calculating the ‘Sustainability Perceptions Value’ of each brand.

Kenyan telecommunications giant, Safaricom, has achieved impressive metrics in terms of sustainability. Their brand value rose an admirable 3% to US$709 million and their Sustainability Perception Score was recorded at a stunning 6.46 out of 10 – the highest score for any telecoms provider globally.

Verizon has proven to be a leader in sustainability, with its Sustainability Perceptions Value estimated at an impressive US$5.8 billion – the highest of any telecoms brand worldwide. According to Brand Finance’s findings, consumers around the globe recognize and appreciate Verizon’s efforts towards minimizing negative impacts on our environment, making it highly-regarded as one of today’s most responsible organizations.

Huawei is ranked the most valuable and strongest telecoms infrastructure brand

Brand Finance ranks the 150 most valuable and powerful telecoms companies in the world. They also have a special list called Brand Finance Telecoms Infrastructure 10 2023 which shows the top 10 strongest and most valuable telecoms infrastructure brands.

Huawei continues its dominance at the top of the ranking despite brand value going down 38% to US$44.3 billion. Huawei has lost significant brand value due to US sanctions, political and regulatory confrontations, that led to a contraction in the geographies where it can operate. It has also experienced a global semiconductor shortage and a decrease in the demand for smartphones. Although it is losing brand value, Huawei is still the strongest telecoms infrastructure brand with a BSI score of 79.9 out of 100 with a corresponding AAA rating.

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