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Dimension Data joins ASD’s list of Protected Certification 

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The global IT solutions provider, Dimension Data, has joined the list of companies to get seal of approval from Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) to handle Protected level of government data.

Dimension Data is only the fourth company, followed by Macquarie Telecom, Sliced Tech and Vault Systems, to have met certain eligibility criteria to process and store confidential information of Australian government.

Protection level certification is the highest security level granted by ASD on its CCSL (Certified Cloud Services List). It assures public sector customers in government that that the certified cloud service providers have effective and appropriate security measures in place for processing, storage, and transmission of confidential data.

Dimension Data, the NTT-owned company, is the maiden foreign company to join ASD’s CCSL. It can now provide its full suite of Protected cloud delivery models including IaaS, private IaaS, private cloud, to security-aware agencies under Australian government.

“The Australian government is keenly aware of the risks of cyber breaches and the need to secure its data and communications at the highest level,” said David Hanrahan, Dimension Data Australia GM for Cloud Services. “We undertook the process to obtain a protected certification for our government cloud service to ensure we had a full suite of services for federal agencies to leverage.”

Sliced Tech and Vault Systems were approved to the list of CCSL in March last year, while Macquarie Telecom joined in September.

The top cloud service providers, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, IBM, ServiceNow, and Education Services Australia, also are among certified cloud services list, but are limited to host Unclassified government information.

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