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Wire19’s listing of top 50 Cloud Storage companies to look for in 2023

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In today’s day and age, where time is money, cloud storage plays a vital role in ensuring business continuity. Cloud storage or online storage has become increasingly popular due to its convenience, flexibility, and scalability. It offers a range of use cases, such as backup and recovery, file sharing, collaboration, and data archiving. It also provides businesses with cost-effective and reliable storage solutions that can help them to manage and protect their data. According to Statista, cloud storage is estimated to grow to 376.67 billion U.S. in 2029.

Cloud storage providers all over the world are competing to provide safe storage solutions that keep files protected from ransomware and prevent data loss. Cloud storage is considered better than its on-premise counterparts for reasons like its ability to scale rapidly, ease of backup and recovery, accessibility, and high levels of uptime.

Things to look out for in your cloud storage provider 

Every business has its unique set of requirements. Some need rapid scalability to be the focus and some want heightened security to protect their data. But all businesses need maximum uptime and pocket-friendly prices. While almost all cloud storage providers provide these features, the levels may vary. As a result, figuring out the perfect cloud storage provider can be a mind-numbing task. So, we made a list of cloud storage providers for you to look out for when making a decision. These are the points on the basis of which they feature in this list.  

  1. Certifications and compliance standards 
  2. Data security and business policies 
  3. Service dependencies and partnerships 
  4. Scalability 
  5. Reputation

Top 50 Cloud Storage Providers across the globe 

Cloud storage providers typically offer different plans with varying storage capacities, accessibility and security features. However, with cyberattacks becoming more sophisticated with time, it has become the need of the hour to protect data at all costs. Here is a list of the best cloud storage providers that the industry has to offer.  

1. Acronis

CEO: Patrick Pulvermueller 
Founded: 2003 
HQ: Schaffhausen, Switzerland 

Acronis is a software company that is considered one of the global
leaders in cyber protection. The company provides easy-to-use, secure and scalable cloud
storage for any type of data or application along with a highly efficient backup

Acronis Cloud Storage allows you to store disks, partitions, and files
and quickly recover selected files, folders, applications, or an entire system on its cloud
storage platform. Using a touch-sensitive, web-based console, Acronis Backup protects,
manages back up and recovers all the data and workload of your entire hybrid


The pricing of the Acronis Cloud Storage is based on size and the
tenure of the plan. Following is the pricing for the 1-year plan. 

  • 250GB – US$ 229 
  • 500GB – US$ 385 
  • 1TB – US$ 689 
  • 2TB – US$ 1,339 
  • 3TB – US$ 2,035 
  • 4TB – US$ 2,695 
  • 5TB – US$ 3,309 

2. Apple iCloud

CEO: Tim Cook
Founded: 2011
HQ: Cupertino, CA

Apple is a well-known company that has a reputation for delivering
high-quality and innovative products to the world and it maintains this standard with its
cloud storage solution known as Apple iCloud.

The iCloud platform which is known as Files on iOS; and iCloud Drive
on macOS, and Windows; allows users to upload all kinds of files and preview, share, save
and access them from any browser or device connected to the iCloud. However, you will need
your Apple ID to access it, making it a very secure cloud storage. iCloud also allows up to
100 users to simultaneously collaborate on apps like Notes and Page and communicate through
comments while editing pages.

iCloud is seamlessly integrated with Apple’s ecosystem and syncs and
saves files effortlessly. On Windows and Android, you need to use the web browser to access
the iCloud’s web client to connect with it, since there is no iCloud app on Android.


iCloud provides the first 5 Gb for free. However, if you wish to
acquire more storage, then you will have to opt for the premium service iCloud+ from your
Apple device and go with any of the plans mentioned below.

  • iCloud+ 50GB is $0.99/month 
  • iCloud+ 200GB is $2.99/month 
  • iCloud+ 2TB is $9.99/month 

3. Amazon Drive

CEO: Adam Selipsky 
Founded: 2011 
HQ: Seattle, WA

Where cloud is concerned, Amazon is certainly one of the biggest
players in the industry. Amazon Drive, the company’s cloud storage platform allows
individuals to store, share, backup and retrieve files securely and with virtually
non-existent downtime. The platform has some very unique features that make it one of the
most widely used cloud storages.

The links, files and folders shared by Amazon have a preview
functionality which allows users to access videos, images, texts pdf etc. without opening
the actual document. The platform allows users to upload high-resolution images without
compromising the quality of the images and videos, making it a perfect platform for
professional photographers.


Unlimited photo storage, and 5GB video storage with an
Amazon Prime membership.

  • 100 GB for $19.99 per year 
  • 1TB for $59.99 per year 

4. Arcserve

CEO: Brannon Lacey
Founded: 1983
HQ: Eden Prairie, MN

Arcserve is an IT company that is focused on delivering cloud-based
services that are safe and drive business continuity for businesses of all sizes. The
company provides its customer with a resilient and robust platform known as Arcserve Cloud
Direct, where their data is safe from ransomware and accidental data loss.

Arcserve Cloud Direct platform is compatible with Windows, Mac and
Linux. The platform also provides a portal to manage your account as well as view backup
reports and recovery activity. The platform encrypts your data, which ensures no third party
or even Arcserve can view the contents of your folders. 


$50/TB per month 

5. Axcient 

CEO: Rod Matthews
Founded: 2006
HQ: Denver, CO 

Axcient is a data management company that provides a plethora of
cloud-based solutions, like backup recovery, file sync and share, collaboration, remote
workforce enablement and more, to small to medium-sized businesses.

The company delivers excellent cloud services with the help of its
three main products- x360Recover, x360Cloud and x360Sync. Axcient is also responsible for
creating the Chain-Free backup technology, that keeps every recovery point verifiable,
independent and bootable, which helps in a more reliable and faster recovery.


Contact the company to receive a quote. 

6. Backblaze  

CEO: Gleb Budman
Founded: 2007
HQ: San Mateo, CA 

Backblaze is one of the leading cloud storage providers in the
industry that provides storage solutions at affordable prices. Backblaze’s B2 Cloud Storage
securely stores, archives and backups your data into its cloud. It also has some innovative
features like an object-lock setting which renders your selected files immutable for the
period that you desire.
Another interesting feature of B2 Cloud Storage is the versioning
policy, which allows you to direct how many versions or how long a previous version of a
changed file should remain.


$5/TB/Month. No Hidden Fees. No Delete Penalties. 


CEO: Alain Cohen
Founded: 2014
HQ: Arlington, VA

Since its establishment in 2014, Bublup is focused on delivering
top-quality cloud storage solutions to its clients. The company’s aim is to help its clients
organise, backup and share their files, photos and creations in a way that drives

What makes Bublup so unique is their innovative idea of adding colours
to their storage platform making it into a visual cloud storage. The company’s interactive
approach to cloud storage, access to unlimited weblinks, and the capacity of sharing large
files, make Bublup one of the coolest storage providers in the industry. 


  • 3GB free 
  • Premium: 100GB/$6.99/ Month 
  • Pro: 1TB/$9.99/Month 
  • Teams: 5TB/$24.99/ Month

8. Box 

CEO: Aaron Levie
Founded: 2005
HQ: Redwood City, CA 

Even though Box provides cloud storage services for personal use, its primary focus is business. The company provides comprehensive, feature-packed storage solutions to its clients. From automatic backup and collaborations to e-signatures and automatic contract reviewing and approval, Box does it all.  

The company’s aim is to provide a safe and secure platform that helps ease the taxing process of data management and storage and uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) like disruptive technologies to deliver the same. Apart from having an A-class security that meets the strictest compliance standards of the industry, Box also provides seamless integration across 1,500+ apps.  


Box has plans for both individual users as well as large enterprises. Though a little expensive compared to its competitors in the market, the plans contain a plethora of facilities that prove to be worth the investment.  

  • Individual/free/Month single user 10 GB 
  • Personal Pro/$12.78/ Month single user 100GB 
  • Business Teams/$6.69/Month minimum 3 users 100 GB 
  • Business/$14.12/month 5GB 
  • Business+/$24.09/month 15GB 
  • Enterprise/$33.22/month 50 GB 
  • Enterprise+/ customized plan/month 150 GB 


CEO: Steve Munford
Founded: 2006
HQ: Boston, Massachusetts 

Carbonite is a subsidiary of OpenText that provides storage and backup facilities for your files, images, videos, and more. Its services are compatible with both Windows and macOS and provides security from malicious software with the help of Webroot antivirus and prevents data loss.  

The company helps back up your data automatically as well as provides continuous updates regarding your backup. It also retrieves lost files at a fast pace with just a click of a button. 


The company provides three plans that you can choose from, depending on your needs. The Plus and Prime plans exclusively provide external hard drive backup, automatic video backup and Webroot antivirus. The Prime plan also provides courier delivery of recovered files. Below is their pricing.  

  • Basic: $ 1.75/month 
  • Plus: $ 2.50/month 
  • Prime: $ 3.13/month 

10.Citrix ShareFile 

CEO: Tom Krause
Founded: 1989
HQ: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Citrix is an IT company that provides innovative and top-notch cloud solutions to businesses of all sizes. Citrix ShareFile, the company’s cloud storage platform offers a robust and secure platform to save, sync, and backup files as well as collaborate on them.   

ShareFile allows real-time collaboration with Microsoft Office, which makes it a perfect fit for students and professionals both. The platform also allows you to connect with other cloud-based platforms like Box, OneDrive for Business, Dropbox and Google Drive. You can also connect with non-cloud storage platforms and collaborate in real-time on SharePoint.  


  • Standard: $55/month/ Unlimited storage 
  • Advanced: $85/month/ Unlimited storage 
  • Premium: $135/month/ Unlimited storage 


CEO: Michael Tso
Founded: 2011
HQ: San Francisco, CA  

Cloudian is an IT company that delivers highly efficient cloud solutions to businesses of all capacities, including highly secure cloud storage facilities. The company’s military-grade security is verified in nine stringent security certifications that ensure your data is protected from ransomware and malicious software as well as the scrutiny of third parties.  

Cloudian cloud storage solution is designed to handle large volumes of unstructured data and is integrated with AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform to build a hybrid cloud. The company’s storage platform is S3 API compatible as well.  


Cloudian’s pricing is customizable. You can approach their sales team to get a quote, or calculate the price based on your requirements by mentioning them on the price calculator provided on the website. 


CEO: Poojan Kumar
Founded: 2017
HQ: Santa Clara,CA 

Clumio is an IT company that specializes in providing a secure backup for data and files that have been saved on the cloud. With cloud connectors that are compatible with both AWS and Microsoft, Clumio provides a plethora of services for the protection and safekeeping of your files. 

What makes Clumio a good choice are its fascinating features, a prime example of that is its serverless entities that scale according to the requirements of the clients. The company’s granular backup capabilities are cost-effective with industry-leading low RPO that makes it stand out in the market.  


The company uses a Pay-as-you-go model, where you only pay for what you consume. 


CEO: Sanjay Poonen
Founded: 2013
HQ: San Jose, CA 

Cohesity in an IT company that is a one-stop solution for all things cloud. The company provides top-quality cloud solutions to small and medium-sized businesses as well as big enterprises.  Cohesity provides cloud storage solutions that are secure and encrypted end to end to prevent data leaks or data loss due to ransomware or cyberattacks. 

The company’s storage services simplify data management, and their fast speed ensure that you can access your data with negligible downtime, thus boosting productivity. 


Cohesity plans are customizable according to the needs of the customer.  


CEO: Sanjay Mirchandani
Founded: 1988
HQ: Tinton Falls, NJ 

Commvault is considered one of the leaders among the cloud storage providers. Its comprehensive suite of solutions enables optimized scalability with high security and reliability.  

The company provides an AI-integrated platform that detects anomalies and sends alerts. It also provides multiple layers of immutability that protect the data from changes. Commvault high-performance backup recovery ensures that your data remains safe in case of natural calamities. 


Contact the company to receive a quote. 

15. DataCore 

CEO: Dave Zabrowski
Founded: 1998
HQ: Fort Lauderdale, FL 

Established in the year 1998, DataCore provides top-quality cloud storage solutions like Block storage, File storage, Object storage and Kubernetes Storage. The company’s cloud platform simplifies file sharing and access across multiple sites with security.  

What makes DataCore one of the leading cloud storage providers is the set of unique features its cloud storage provides like immutability, creating snapshot, cloning, replication, mirroring, versioning etc. The company uses machine learning to optimize costs and enhance performance.  


The company uses a pay-as-you-go model of pricing where you only pay for what you use. The pricing of the storage depends on the facilities you opt for along with the storage. As the consumption goes higher, you get better discounts.  


CEO: Carl Hasselskog
Founded: 2012
HQ: Stockholm, Sweden  

If you are looking for a cloud storage provider that is highly secure and affordable, then your search ends with Degoo. Degoo’s top-secret feature ensures that only you can access the files that have been uploaded to the cloud. Aside from the two-part security feature: zero-knowledge encryption, and cross-continent storage replication, the secret feature enables you to choose a passphrase only known by you. This passphrase needs to be kept safe, it is not stored anywhere in Degoo, so if it is forgotten, then there is no way of retrieving it. 

Degoo’s AI-enabled cloud storage allows you to share and upload pictures in real time and access long-forgotten memories privately and with no quality reduction.  


  • Free: 20 GB 
  • Pro: $ 2.99/month for 500 GB 
  • Ultimate: $ 9.99/month for 5 TB 


CEO: Drew Houston
Founded: 2007
HQ: San Francisco, CA

Dropbox is one of the leading cloud storage providers and has garnered quite a reputation in the market. The company’s cloud storage services allow you to upload, sync and share your files on a secure platform.  Dropbox accommodates both Microsoft and Google apps, increasing the ease of  collaboration. 

The company’s cloud storage service is smart sync enabled which gives you the option of selecting which files stay on the hard drive and which files go online. Those files that are stored online do not take up space on your system.  

Dropbox also provides a wide range of interesting features such as automatic backup, legally binding e-signatures, automatic storage of unlimited passwords in one central secure place, Dropbox capture and more.  


The company provides you with plans that you can customize as per your needs at a charge. Dropbox also has an Enterprise plan for large companies with customized service bundles at affordable prices. Below are the plans that Dropbox provides. 

  • Plus: $11.99/1 user/month for 2TB  
  • Family: $ 19.99/6 users/month for 2TB 
  • Professional: $ 19.99/1 user/month for 3TB 
  • Standard: $18/user (3+)/month for 5TB 
  • Advanced: $ 30/user (3+)/month for as much space as required 


CEO: Vineet Jain
Founded: 2008
HQ: Mountain View, CA 

Established in the year 2008, Egnyte aims to provide efficient and easy-to-use cloud storage services to businesses irrespective of their size. The company is a one-stop solution to all your cloud storage needs that provides backup in case of accidental data deletion and data exfiltration.  

The company provides advanced third-party app integration tools that allow you to connect with platforms like Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, Slack and more. Egnyte also provides excellent security to protect your data from malicious software with the layers of security increasing as you move to a better plan. The platform also provides some interesting features like a two-factor authentication, global access policies, file link expiry, and sub-folder permissions. Those who subscribe to the high-end plans also have access to mobile and desktop device control.  


With plans starting from $20 per month, Egnyte provides a free 15-day trial in which you are given access to 20Gb of storage, 10 employee licenses, ransomware protection and more. For Enterprise Lite and the Enterprise Plan, the prices are according to the needs of the customer.  

  • Business: $20/user/month for 1TB 
  • Enterprise Lite: customized 
  • Enterprise: customized 

19.Google Drive 

CEO: Sundar Pichai
Founded: 2012
HQ: Mountain View, CA

It is difficult to exist in today’s day and age and not be aware of Google Drive, one of the leading cloud storage providers in the world. With 15 GB of storage space for free per user, Google Drive is perfect for students and professionals alike. And in case you do run out of space, the company provides additional storage space at affordable rates. 

What makes Google Drive so amazing is its own set of office applications that come in all the plans. The platform’s in-built versioning feature, the ability to integrate with a plethora of apps and fast and reliable storage, help you make your work easy and increase your productivity.  


Google provides 15GB of free space for every account holder. In the event that you do run out of space, Google 1 provides more plans to choose from. A Google 1 subscription also gives you more photo editing features, as well as a 24/7 Google Expert to help you out with your queries irrespective of the time of the day. 

Google Drive Plan: 

  • Personal: 15GB storage/User for free 
  • Business: $12/per user/month for 2 TB 

Google 1 Plan:  

  • Basic: $1.58/month for 100 GB 
  • Standard: $2.56/month for 200 GB 
  • Premium: $7.91/month for 2 TB  


CEO: David Flynn
Founded: 2018
HQ: Los Altos, CA 

Relatively new in the field, Hammerspace is taking the world by storm with its innovative storage solutions. Hammerspace is an IT company that specializes in cloud management, cloud storage, object storage, file storage and storageless data orchestration.  

The company provides a vendor-neutral software solution that helps streamline unstructured data across all platforms. It also allows you to access data from anywhere in the world and move data without user or app interruption. 


Hammerspace’s pricing is customizable according to the need of the customer.  


CEO: Simon Taylor
Founded: 2018
HQ: Boston, MA 

HYCU is an IT company that is a one-stop shop for all your data needs. The company provides a safe and robust cloud storage platform with ransomware protection and disaster recovery that ensure that your data is always in safe hands. 

As one of the fastest-growing data protection companies, HYCU is laser-focused on providing a platform that is built keeping in mind seamless integration with other cloud platforms like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.


HYCU employs the Pay-as-you-go method of payment that ensures that you only pay for the services that you have opted for. For further details regarding the pricing, please get in touch with their sales team.  

22. IBackup 

CEO: Raghu Kulkarni
Founded: 1995
HQ: Calabasas, CA 

IBackup is a division of Pro Softnet Corporation that delivers top-quality cloud storage services to small and medium-sized businesses. The company is focused on providing storage services like online backup, sync, storage and remote access that are easy to use and highly secure.  

The company’s cloud storage platform provides some interesting features like, versioning, a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan, a Flexibility feature that allows you to create multiple backups for a set of backups, and more. It also has a browser-based application that allows you to manage, share, rename, delete your files and more, anytime and from anywhere.  


  • $9.95/month for 10 GB 
  • $19.95/month for 20 GB 
  • $49.95/month for 50 GB 
  • $99.95/month for 100 GB 
  • $199.95/month for 200 GB 
  • $299.95/month for 300 GB 
  • $399.95/month for 400 GB 
  • $499.95/month for 500 GB 

23.IBM Cloud 

CEO: Arvind Krishna
Founded: 2013
HQ: Armonk, NY 

Before becoming part of IBM in 2013, the company’s cloud platform was known as Bluemix. IBM’s vision is to provide safe and state-of-the-art cloud storage solutions to companies of all sizes. Its customers can select from a wide range of cloud solution options like IBM Storage for data and AI, IBM storage for hybrid cloud, IBM storage for data resilience, IBM storage for Scale, IBM storage Ceph and many

The company’s robust solutions are cost-effective and secure. Its feature-rich platform allows you to work with ease with an uptime of 99.99% ensuring the business continuity of its clients. IBM’s stringent compliance standards make sure your data is safe from all third parties including IBM. 


IBM provides a plethora of solutions, all customized to fit the needs of the customer. You can opt for storage services that suit you best and calculate pricing depending on location and quota with the calculator provided on their company website.

24. Icedrive 

CEO: James Bressington
Founded: 2019
HQ: Swansea, United Kingdom 

Relatively new in the market, Icedrive is providing massive cloud storage at competitive prices. Compatible with Windows 7-11, macOS Yosemite to Monterey and Linux, the company caters to individuals and businesses alike. The company’s state-of-the-art software allows you to open, edit, upload and delete files with ease like you would on a physical hard drive without using physical space. 

Icedrive also provides cache control that allows you to access your files without waiting for them to be synced. It also allows you to upload and download files and folders, stream your media with a built-in media player and format and view images without the need to download them – all this just using an app and the bare minimum space.


The following plans are available on a yearly basis. The company provides monthly plans as well for Pro and Pro+, however, Lite is only available on a yearly basis. Icedrive also provides 10 GB of free storage on creating an account with the company and has a 14-day money-back guarantee.  

  • Lite: $19.99/year for 150 GB 
  • Pro: $49.99/year for 1 TB  
  • Pro+: $ 179.99/year for 5 TB 


CEO: Raghu Kulkarni
Founded: 1995
HQ: Calabasas, CA 

Established in the year 1995, IDrive provides storage and backup services to individuals and businesses alike. The company provides backup for PC, Mac, iPhones, iPads and Android devices to Cloud Drive, syncing all your files and data in real-time across all devices that are connected to the cloud. 

Through the company’s IDrive Express, clients can have a large amount of data transferred within a short duration of time into their online accounts. Throughout this process, the company uses military-grade encryption to keep your data safe. IDrive also does path encryption which adds to the security without using bandwidth during data transfers.  


IDrive provides flexible payment options that you can customize according to your needs. It starts with a basic free plan of 10GB once you opt for the company. 

  • Basic: 10 GB free/user  
  • IDrive Mini: $2.95/ 1 user/ year for 100 GB  
  • IDrive Personal: $59.62/ 1 user multiple computers/ first year for 5TB storage 
  • IDrive Team: $74. 62/5 users, 5 computers/ first year for 5TB storage 
  • IDrive Business: $74.64/ Multiple users, multiple computers/ first year for 250GB storage

26. Internxt 

CEO: Fran Villalba Segarra
Founded: 2020
HQ: Valencia, Spain

Launched in the year 2020, Internxt is a fast-growing cloud storage provider. The company is focused on providing a safe and secure cloud storage platform where you can save all your data and files. With zero-knowledge encryption, the company ensures that your data is encrypted end to end when in transit, irrespective of file size, at fast speeds. 

Internxt backs up your files and data in data centers across Europe with multiple fast servers and built-in redundancy to ensure that your data is safe from any natural disaster and easily retrievable. The company’s products are made to ensure business continuity and productivity with non-existent downtimes.  


The company provides cloud storage facilities for individuals and businesses alike. Once you sign up with Internxt, you are given 10 GB of storage space for free. It also provides customizable pricing for businesses that are looking to increase the number of users, at a charge. The company also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are unhappy with the quality of services.   


  • 10 GB free 
  • $1.07/single user/month for 20 GB 
  • $4.87/single user/month for 200 GB 
  • $10.83/single user/month for 2 TB 


  • $4.87/user (2+)/month for 200 GB 
  • $10.83/user (2+)/month for 2 TB 
  • $103.03/user (2+)/month for 20 TB 


CEO: Robert Peterson
Founded: 2011
HQ: El Segundo, CA

Infrascale is a cloud-based data protection company that specializes in backup and disaster recovery. The company caters to both small and medium-sized businesses as well as large enterprises and provides a secure storage platform for their data. It also provides a unique set of facilities that makes Infrascale an excellent choice for companies looking for cloud storage providers.  

The company provides unlimited SaaS data backup history which means, in the event of data loss due to deletion, there is no stipulated time within which you can recover the data unlike its competitors in the market that give a window of 14-120 days.  

Infrascale understands that data loss can cost the earth for businesses and lead to heavy losses. The company’s disaster recovery solutions help mitigate the downtimes caused due to natural disasters, malicious software or server crash. 


Infrascale provides a pay-as-you-go model of payment, where an invoice is generated on the 25th day of the month based on the consumption of the data by the user.  


CEO: Ghaus Iftikhar
Founded: 2011
HQ: Palo Alto 

Established in the year 2011, Jumpshare is an IT company that allows you to share files, capture screenshots and screen recordings to showcase your work and ideas. Jumpshare has over a million users and what makes it so popular is the set of very unique features that they provide.

Jumpshare is primarily a visual communication tool that simplifies the process of sharing files and ideas at fast speeds. It supports over 200 file formats and has features like the ability to draw on video and create gifs. All of it improves your interaction with your clients and increase productivity.  


The company provides 2 GB of free storage upon signing up with the company. It also provides a trial period of 14 days in the Business plan that allows you to test out its services before you commit to it full-time.  

  • Basic: 2GB of free 
  • Plus: $9.99/user/month for 1 TB 
  • Business: $ 15/user/month for 2 TB 
  • Enterprise: Custom 


CEO: Damjan
Founded: 2013
HQ: Ljubljana, Slovenia 

Koofr is a safe and private cloud storage company that allows you to view all your files in one place by linking them to all your other existing cloud storage providers like Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon and OneDrive. With data centers located and regulated by the laws of the European Union, you can be assured of its security.  

Compatible with multiple browsers and operating systems, you can access Koofr from anywhere and upload and synchronize any folder, irrespective of its size. Although it automatically uploads all your media files from your phone, its 2-way synchronization allows you to choose the files that you want to be synchronized. It also allows you to prevent data loss by providing secure backups.  


Like a lot of data center providers, Koofr allows you to upgrade your existing Koofr plan as and when you like. Upon signing up, the company provides 10 GB of free data storage to begin with.  


10 GB/ free/ forever 


  • $0.62/month for over 10 GB 
  • $1.23/month for 25 GB 


  • $2.47/month for 100 GB 
  • $4.93/month for 250 GB 
  • $12.33/month for 1 TB  


  • $24.67/month for 2.5 TB 
  • $43.17/month for 5 TB 
  • $74.01/month for 10 TB 
  • $148.02/month for 20 TB  


CEO:  Andrew Michael
Founded: 2008
HQ: London, UK 

Where cloud storage providers are concerned, Livedrive is a popular choice for those who want to store and share files securely in the cloud.  The company provides industry-standard encryption and security protocols to protect your data from unauthorized access. 

The company’s storage platform is packed with features like file versioning, remote access, automatic backup, being able to share files irrespective of the fact whether you have a Livedrive account or not, unlimited storage and more. It is these robust features that make the company a reliable and convenient solution for storing your data.  



  • Backup: $8.62/user/month for unlimited storage 
  • Pro Suite: $19.72/5 users/ month for 5 TB storage 
  • Briefcase: $13.56/user/month for 2 TB storage  


  • Business Express: $37/ 3 users/ month for 2 TB 
  • Business Standard: $123.35/ 10 users/month for 10 TB 


CEO: Derek Labian
Founded: 2006
HQ:Shenandoah, TX 

MediaFire is a cloud storage company that allows you to store, access, and download files and data at fast speeds and with security. Compatible with iPhone, Android, OSX, Windows and Web, the cloud storage offers unlimited downloads of large files with zero wait time.   

Depending on the plan that you go along with, the company’s cloud storage provides interesting facilities like one-time links that control access to your files and don’t allow people to share your download links. It also enables you to download links without ads and even upload thousands of files at a time through any web browser or mobile device. 

MediaFire also provides facilities like customizable branding, no captcha codes, a detailed security log, password-protected files and much more.  


When you sign up with MediaFire, you are allotted a Basic plan that provides you with 10 GB for free. The company gives you the facility of upgrading to a premium subscription any time you want. For the Pro plan, the company provides a discount if you opt for a yearly billing plan, bringing down the monthly investment to $5.83 instead. Here are the monthly billing plans that the company provides. 

  • Basic: 10 GB for free 
  • Pro: $6.99/1user/month for 1 TB 
  • Business: $50/100 users/month for 2 TB 


CEO: Shane Te Pou
Founded: 2013
HQ: Auckland, New Zealand 

Established in the year 2013, MEGA provides cloud storage services with security and efficiency. Its zero-knowledge encryptions mean that no third party including MEGA can see or read your data. Only the user holds the ability to de-encrypt and access their content.

The company allows you to back up and sync data from your computer to MEGA automatically and ensures its safety. It allows you to upload files from non-MEGA users to your MEGA Cloud, irrespective of the size of the file or data. Mega provides you with admin tools that allow you to add users and well as deactivate them according to your needs.  The company will soon be launching MEGA S4 at competitive prices.  


MEGA provides a pay-as-you-go mode of payment, where you only pay for what you use. Below is the list of plans that you can choose from.  


  • Pro: $5.39/month for 400 GB 
  • Pro I: $10.79 / month for 2 TB 
  • Pro II: $21.6/ month for 8 TB 
  • Pro III: $32.40/month for 16 TB 

MEGA also provides 20GB of free storage with limited transfer upon signing up with them. 

Team:  $16.21/month for
3TB, minimum 3 users with an additional $ 2.70 per TB.

The company also provides a calculator for you to get an estimated cost depending on the number of users and desired storage quota.    

33. Microsoft OneDrive 

CEO: Satya Nadella
Founded: 2007
HQ: Redmond, WA 

Microsoft OneDrive is a well-known name in the cloud storage industry and the reason for that is OneDrive’s integration with the Office. The collaboration of these have made storing and sharing files easier allowing multiple users to work on them simultaneously in real-time and the changes that are made visible to all the users and saved to the cloud automatically.  

OneDrive is a fast and reliable cloud storage solution and is a good option for students as well as professionals due to its level of integration. It is also able to detect ransomware and malicious attacks and allows you to easily recover files in  case of accidents or attacks.  


Microsoft OneDrive provides 5 GB of storage for free when you sign up with it. Below are all the plans that OneDrive provides. 


  • Microsoft 365 Basic: $ 1.99/1 user/month for 100 GB 
  • Microsoft 365 Personal: $6.99/1 user/month for 1TB 
  • Microsoft 365 Family: $9.99/6 user/month for 1TB


  • OneDrive for Business (plan1): $ 5/month 
  • OneDrive for Business (plan2): $10/month 
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic: $ 6/month 
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard: $12.50/month


CEO: George Kurian
Founded: 1992
HQ: San Jose, CA 

NetApp is one of the leaders in the field of cloud data management. The company is focused on providing, secure, flexible and scalable cloud solutions to its clients. The company’s cloud platform integrates seamlessly with other cloud platforms like AWS and Azure making it a popular choice for many businesses and professionals.  

The company’s high-performing cloud storage platform ensures high-speed connectivity and low latency so that its clients are able to access and backup files at a moment’s notice with no disruption of work.  


NetApp’s pricing can be customized according to the service bundles you opt for. The company has a pay-as-you-go model that allows you to pay for exactly what you use. Apart from that, the company also offers contracts that are binding for up to 3 years.  


CEO: Frank Karlitschek
Founded: 2016
HQ: Stuttgart, Germany 

Nextcloud provides a self-hosted storage platform for businesses of all sizes and is perfect for companies that are looking to have more control over their data. Apart from the usual services like storing your data online, collaborating on files and sending and receiving emails on a secure platform, that most cloud storage providers supply, Nextcloud also add some interesting features. 

Nextcloud provides a suite of productivity solutions like Nextcloud Talk, Nextcloud Office, and Nextcloud files that streamline the productivity of your business. The company makes it easy for its clients to collaborate on files in real-time, edit, comments and even lock files when not in use. It also provides a whiteboard feature that can be really helpful during meetings and webinars. It also uses a dyslexia-friendly font that makes reading simple for those with reading difficulties.  


Nextcloud provides open-source cloud storage services under three plans i.e., Basic, Standard and Premium. All these plans are feature packed with Premium Plan being the most well-stacked. You can check out the pricing below.


  • Basic: 100 users for $39.05/user/year 
  • Standard: 100 users for $70.51/user/year 
  • Premium: 100 users for $103.59/user/year 


CEO: Tom Okman
Founded: 2019
Based: Netherlands 

NordLocker is the brainchild of the company Nord Security. NordLocker provides a secure and encrypted storage platform for its client’s data and files. The company uses state-of-the-art encryption tools like Zero-knowledge encryption, which prevents third parties including NordLocker to decrypt or access your files in the storage. 

The company also provides industry-standard security that keeps your files backed up and safe from malicious software and cyberattacks. NordLocker also supports two-factor authentication to provide an extra layer of security.    


On signing up, NordLocker provides 3GB of storage space to its customers for free. In case you need more storage, you can opt for any of the plans below. 


  • Personal: $7.99/user/month for 500 GB  
  • Personal Plus: $ 19.99/user/month for 2 TB 


  • Business: $12.99/user/month for 500 GB 
  • Business Plus: $18.99/user/month 2 TB 
  • Custom Plan: Request a Demo 


CEO: Sam Gutmann
Founded: 2003 
HQ: Englewood Cliffs, NJ 

OwnBackup is an IT company that specializes in disaster recovery and provides a comprehensive suite of data storage solutions that help businesses to protect their data from ransomware, cyber-attacks as well as technical failures.

The platform provided by the company is highly compatible with Salesforce’s customer relationship management platform. The company also provides a sandbox seeding module, which allows you a safe and separate environment to develop and test your APIs configuration, without disrupting your business practices.  


  • Enterprise: $ 2.90/user/month 
  • Unlimited: $ 3.65/user/month 
  • Governance Plus: $ 6.65/user/month 


CEO: Jil Stelfox
Founded: 2008
HQ: San Jose, CA 

Panzura is an IT company that provides reliable and safe cloud solutions to businesses of all sizes. The company is focused on providing its clients with a secure platform to store their data and access it as and when they want, without any downtime or delays. 

CloudFS, the company’s global file system consolidates unstructured data into a single data source that is protected from ransomware and insider threats. Panzura’s cloud storage solutions are scalable and are perfect for customers that require large and temporary caches with features like mirroring, immutable data protection, cross-site collaboration and military-grade encryption and security. Panzura certainly
deserves to be one of the best cloud storage providers in the industry.

Pricing: Contact the company to receive a quote. 

39. pCloud 

CEO: Tunio Zafer
Founded: 2013
HQ: Baar, Switzerland

pCloud is a Swiss company that specializes in providing safe and secure cloud storage for both individual users are well as businesses. The company’s cloud storage features allow for file management and sharing, security, backup and digital management.  

The company’s cloud storage automatically uploads your camera roll and syncs across multiple devices. You can also get detailed stats for your links, as well as brand your shared links. Its top-class security provides encryptions for all files and the option of an extra layer of encryption if the customer requests for it. pCloud also has a secure password manager pCloud Pass, which saves your passwords and allows instant access across all your devices securely.  


  • Premium: 500 GB/month for $4.99 
  • Premium Plus: 2 TB/month for $9.99 

The company provides up to 10 TB of storage for a lifetime for family (up to 5 members) at a one-time payment of $1499 and provides a 10-day money-back guarantee. 

40. Polarbackup 

CEO: Muayyad (Mo) Fahed Shehadeh 
Founded: 2019 
HQ: London, England 

Established in the year 2019, Polarbackup is relatively new in the cloud storage industry and is quickly gaining fame. The company provides quality cloud storage solutions that are fast and secure, at competitive rates. 

Compatible with both Windows and Mac, Polarbackup allows its clients to manage, sort, store and preview their data on the cloud. The company’s encryption policy ensures your data is safe from the prying eyes of any third party including Polarbackup. 

Pricing: The company provides three business plans to choose from along with a 15-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.  


  • $8.99/ month for 1 TB 
  • $17.99/month for 2 TB 
  • $44.99/month for 5 TB

41.Pure Storage 

CEO: Charles Giancarlo
Founded: 2009
HQ: Mountain View, CA 

Pure Storage is a company that focuses on providing top-notch quality data storage and management services to businesses of all sizes. The company provides cost-effective storage solutions with features that help businesses to effectively reduce storage through data compression and provisioning.  

The company’s storage systems have high resilience to hardware failures and are efficient and user friendly and allow you to safely and easily migrate to the cloud.  

Pricing: The company provides customizable service bundles along with a pay-as-you-go mode of payment, that allows you to pay for only those services that you are using. To get the exact price quote for your requirements, contact the company’s sales team. 

42. Rubrik 

CEO: Bipul Sinha
Founded: 2014 
HQ: Palo Alto, CA 

Rubrik is a data management company that was established in the year 2014 and caters to businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. The company specializes in providing a secure and reliable storage platform that is protected from ransomware and natural disasters. 

The company’s data storage platform provides features like Data Resilience that protects your data from an insider threat with air-gapped and immutable backups; Data Observability that allows you to constantly monitor and fix data risks; as well as Data Remediation to prevent malware reinfection by recovering your files and apps.


To avail of Rubrik’s services, you have to get in touch with the company’s sales team.  

43. SpiderOak One 

CEO: Dave Pearah
Founded: 2007
HQ: Lenexa, KS

If you are a company that is looking for a safe storage space for your data, then your search ends here. In terms of security, SpiderOak is one of the top cloud storage providers in the industry, which comes as no surprise since in their team of experts, some specialists are the inventors of No-knowledge encryption.  

SpiderOak One is compatible with a wide range of operating systems from the popular ones like MacOS and Windows to the more uncommon ones like Linux. The platform gives you the facility to manage, organize as well as customize how you share files with friends, family and colleagues. The company also provides some interesting features like temporary links that ensure that your data reaches just the people you want to share it with. It also has a Point-In-Time Recovery feature that ensures that your data remains uncorrupted by ransomware and cyberattacks.  


  • 150 GB for $6 a month or $69 a year 
  • 400 GB for $11 a month or $115 a year 
  • 2 TB for $14 a month or $149 a year 
  • 5 TB for $29 per month or $320 a year 

President & Co-Founder: Thomas Savundra
Founded: 2011
HQ: Toronto, Canada

Established in the year 2011, is one of the leading cloud storage providers in the industry. The company allows you to upload data, files, images and more to the cloud and keep them safe and secure from cyber-attacks or accidents that result in data loss. It also syncs your files from all devices be it a laptop, tablet or a mobile. The services provided by is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and the web.  

Apart from providing a secure storage, also has some interesting features like Offline access that allows you to get work done in the absence of the internet; Admin tools that allow you to manage users and track activity; as well as custom branding. 

Pricing: provides 5GB free storage data for individual users. You can also get 20GB more for free by referring the company to your friends. In case you are looking for more storage, you can subscribe to their plans mentioned below. The company also provides a 30-day free trial and a money-back guarantee. 

  • Solo Basic: $8/month for 2 TB 
  • Pro Solo Professional: $20/month for 6 TB 
  • Team Standard: $6 per head/month for 1 TB 
  • Pro Teams Unlimited: $15 per head/month for unlimited storage 


CEO: Istvan Lam
Founded: 2011
HQ: Budapest, Hungary

Tresorit is a company that provides cloud services like file sharing, syncing and storage to its clients. What makes the company one of the leading cloud storage providers is that it keeps your data safe with the help of Zero-knowledge and end-to-end encryption. This ensures that no one, including the service providers are able to see your content and that there is no data leak.  

The company’s services allow you to keep a track of who accesses your files and when. Tresorit’s access rights management features allow you to password-protect confidential files, disable editing, add watermarks and restrict downloads. Tresorit’s cloud storage platform allows you to streamline workflow and collaborate on documents on a secure platform.  


Tresorit caters to both individuals and businesses alike and provides plans with generous amounts of storage. It also provides a 14-day free trial that enables you to test out its services. Below are the plans that you can choose from.  


  • Personal: $13.99/user/month for 1 TB 
  • Professional: $33.99/user/month for 4 TB  


  • Business Standard: $18/user/ month for 1 TB 
  • Business Plus: $24/user/month for 2 TB 
  • Enterprise: customized 


CEO: Anand Eswaran
Founded: 2006
HQ: Columbus, OH 

Veeam is an IT company that is focused on providing quality cloud solutions to both small and medium-sized businesses as well as enterprises. The company provides reliable cloud services like backup and recovery, monitoring and analytics as well as recovery orchestration.  

Veeam Data Platform provides enterprise-grade recovery capabilities that ensure your data’s safety in the event of cyber-attacks or natural calamities. The platform’s multi-level security and proactive monitoring helps detect and prevent anomalies and data loss. 


Veeam’s packages are customizable, depending on the service bundles you choose from. To get the price quote, you need to get in touch with the company’s sales team. 

47. Veritas 

CEO: Greg Hughes
Founded: 1983
HQ: Santa Clara, CA 

Veritas is one of the leading companies in the field of data management. What makes this company a reliable name among cloud storage providers is its cloud storage platform, Veritas Alta.  

Veritas Alta provides a suite of features like, Data Protection, Recovery Vault, SaaS Protection, Surveillance, Archiving and more, making it a one-stop-shop solution for all things cloud-based. 


Contact the company to receive a quote for your requirements. 


CEO: David Friend
Founded: 2015
HQ: Boston, MA 

Wasabi is a fast-growing cloud storage provider which boasts of providing top-notch services to its clients at prices that are lower than the leading cloud storage providers in the industry. The company exclusively caters to businesses, the size of the organization is inconsequential. 

One of the features that makes Wasabi stand out is Wasabi’s Object Lock data protection tool which prevents users from deleting or altering the files until a specified period of time, which helps in compliance and management of information.  

The company also provides Wasabi Ball Transfer Appliance that allows you to migrate substantial amounts of data to the Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage quickly and efficiently even when you do not have an internet connection.


Wasabi works on the pay-as-you-go pricing model which enables you to pay for exactly what you use and no more. The company also doesn’t charge you for egress or API requests, making it a very cost-effective option. The company provides a 30-day trial option that allows you to check if its services suit your needs.  

Pay-as-you-go pricing:  


Reserved Capacity storage: 

  • 100 TB for 5 years $ 38,456 
  • 240 TB for 5 years $ 92,294  

49. WorkDrive 

CEO: Sridhar Vembu
Founded: 1996
HQ: Chennai, India 

WorkDrive is a storage solution provided by Zoho that allows you to access, share, upload and collaborate on files in 200+ formats. It is highly secure and encrypted ensuring no data leaks occur whether the files are in transit or resting in the cloud. The company also provides a data recovery period of 90 days in case of unwanted deletion of files. 

WorkDrive’s comprehensive Zoho Office Suite is perfect for the use of businesses of all sizes. It’s app integrations and feature-packed services allow multiple users to collaborate in real-time, thus increasing productivity and driving success.


The company provides scalable pricing solutions as your business grows, where you can upgrade and avail of add-ons. WorkDrive also gives a 15-day trial period which allows you to test out their services.  

  • Starter: $1.70/3-10 users/month for 1 TB 
  • Team: $3.35/3-10 users/month for 3 TB 
  • Business: $6.69/3-10 user/month for 5 TB

50.Zoolz– BigMIND 

Founder: Rami Abbad
Founded: 2011
HQ:London, England 

Zoolz is one of the leading providers of cloud-based storage in the IT sector. The company provides a highly secure platform that is trusted by industrial giants like NASDAQ, NASA and more for its quality services. The company has recently launched an Intelligent cloud storage platform called BigMIND which has become the talk of the town.  

BigMIND is an AI-integrated cloud storage platform that uses disruptive technology to address the ever-increasing data needs of customers. With features like Optical Character Recognition, intelligent file filters and the ability to stream audio and video of any format without buffering and more, BigMIND allows you to access, organize and backup your data without breaking a sweat. 


Zoolz BigMIND provides four plans- Starter Plan, Standard Plan, Premium Plan, and Smart Archive Plan for you to choose from. The Premium Plan provides the maximum features as well as allows you to go beyond the 250 GB quota at an extra charge of $22 per 100 GB per month. It also allows you to add SQL Backup, Mobile devices, and OCR at an extra charge. The company also provides a 14-day free trial for all its plans.  

  • Starter Plan: $23/month/ 10 users for 100 GB 
  • Standard Plan: $30/month/ 100 users for 250 GB 
  • Premium Plan: $56.3/month/ 500 users for 250 GB 
  • Smart Archive Plan: $60/month/500 users for 1 TB cold storage  

Finding a cloud storage provider that caters to all your cloud needs can be a daunting task. I hope that the list above helps you to make a more informed decision.   

Disclaimer :

The list of the top 50 cloud storage providers is solely the author’s opinion and is not to be used for investment purposes. The article is intended for informational purposes only. It is important to note that the prices and products are subject to change and this listing is not a ranking and the names have been added in alphabetical order. Wire19 does its best to ensure that the information is accurate and up to date, however it does not warrant or guarantee that anything written here is 100% accurate, timely, or relevant to the website visitors.

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