Raspberry Pi-powered Robotics Kit makes its entrance at Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

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Already billed by Microsoft’s Jeff Tepper as one of last year’s “coolest” new computer devices, the Pi-Top [4] ( robotic kit will be officially debuted on Monday at the first-ever virtual edition of CES.

The game-changing robotics toolset, which includes all the power of Raspberry Pi, is a long-awaited addition to the pi-top product range with a strong replica of LEGO Technik. It works when plugged into pi-top [4], the world’s first Raspberry Pi 4 powered, go anywhere, do anything computer.

The pi-top combo got the interest of Teper, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint at the .NET Conf in November 2020. After catching a sneak preview of remote Computer Science with the pi-top smart rover, .NET interactive Microsoft Bot & Microsoft Teams, Teper said that “in the last year of seeing so much creativity in remote education via #MicrosoftTeams this is one of the coolest yet.”

The pi-top [4] has become a famous portable computer amongst the community of makers and in schools worldwide, since it was launched in 2019. Makers and pupils alike are capable of creating a wide range of electronics projects using an ever-expanding range of kits and accessories. These include a ‘bento box’ of components including buzzers, LEDS, sensors, and connectors, the pi-top FHD Touch Display and Bluetooth Keyboard.

Combined with the new pi-top [4] Robotics Kit, the makers can go one step forward in their creations – thanks to the device’s electronic components, for example, servos, motors, and a wide-angle camera. The kit itself is made of sturdy metal-made plates and brackets that snap together with rivets with a limited number of configurations.

Whether planning an automated vehicle, building a smart city, or creating the best drones in class, the pi-top [4] Robotics Kit will be able to help.

Jesse Lozano, co-founder of pi-top, said last night: “We’re really excited about the launch of the pi-top [4] Robotics Kit. It’s the culmination of years of work by everyone at pi-top and feels like the final piece of the puzzle. Our pi-top family is complete (for the moment)!”

“The sky’s the limit for anyone using our pi-top [4] computer in conjunction with the pi-top [4] Robotics Kit. Whether it’s a robot you’d like to make, or an environmental station or autonomous vehicle, they’re the only tools you need.”

“We can’t wait to see what makers will create with our Raspberry pi powered toolset.”

Another part that makes pi-top [4] different from other products in the Robotics Kit is that it gives users unique access to a robust suite of open-source libraries. Makers will have the option to work in any open-source software from Python to Robot Operating System (ROS) and even have full deployment in .NET environments.

pi-top’s Robotics Kit is the culmination of over six years of work that started in 2014 when co-founder Ryan Dunwoody and Lozano worked to create the world’s first 3D printed laptop. Now, pi-top employs a global team. Their products are used in thousands of homes, maker’s locations, and schools worldwide.

The pi-top [4] Robotics Kit with Expansion Plate will be available to buy in the US for $199.90 from Amazon, Newark, b8ta stores, Chicago Electronics, Digi-Key, and Arrow. Other international outlets include Farnell in the UK, Elmwood Electronics in Canada, and The Brainary in Australia (pi-top [4] required and sold separately).

CES’s 51st edition is the world’s most influential tech event that will take place exclusively online from January 11th to 14th 2021.

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