Microsoft Edge introduces new features and becomes the first and only browser with an AI image generator

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Web browsers like Microsoft Edge are a crucial part of our online lives now a days. Microsoft understands this and thus, to take users’ productivity to the next level, Microsoft Edge recently announced the public preview of Edge Workspaces, which allows users to browse the web in a shared space to get more done, together. Now, Edge has become the first and only browser with an integrated AI image generator.

Many users find it challenging to add a creative image to their write-up due to a creative block or a lack of skilled resources. To address this concern and make it easier for everyone to create unique images, Microsoft has integrated the Image Creator, powered by OpenAI’s DALL.E models, available on desktops for Edge users around the world. Users can access it from the Microsoft Edge sidebar to create specific images that don’t yet exist.  

How to create images in Microsoft Edge? 

To create an image that perfectly matches their ideas, users can go to the sidebar on the right side of the Edge browser and tap on the Image Creator icon.  

Users can then provide prompts based on the image they want to create. Consequently, they’ll get four different image options from which they can choose the best fit.  

Users can download the image and use it in their document or upload it to social media.  

When using it for the first time, users need to enable Image Creator in Microsoft Edge sidebar by clicking the “+” icon and turning on the toggle key. 

Image creator in Microsoft Edge

Image source 


Other new features in Microsoft Edge 

Share files and notes across devices with Drop 

Microsoft Edge has introduced a new feature called Drop, which allows users to share content across their devices. With Drop, users can share not only photos but also other file types and notes. To use Drop on a desktop, click on the Drop icon in the sidebar and add content. On mobile, access Drop by clicking the overflow menu and selecting it. Drop is available on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android, but users must be signed into their Microsoft account in Edge. 

Edit and save web images without leaving the browser 

Microsoft Edge now allows users to edit and save web images without leaving the browser. Users can right-click on an image to crop, adjust lighting and color, and add filters. Alternatively, users can hover over an image and select “edit image” from the menu. This eliminates the need to download and edit images in separate apps on their PC or macOS devices, reducing the need to toggle from app to app. 

Updated efficiency mode for power saving 

Microsoft Edge has announced updates to efficiency mode, which provides better battery performance and more control over power consumption. When a user’s laptop is low on battery, efficiency mode enables power-saving features, even when the user is interacting with the browser. The update also provides more options for saving battery life, including a balanced setting for energy-saving while maintaining a good browsing experience and a Maximum Savings setting for those who want to save the most energy, with the condition that it may impact browser performance. 

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