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Comodo CA and Device Authority collaborate for security and authentication of IoT devices

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IoT PKI Manager

Comodo CA is collaborating with Device Authority to provide enterprises an IoT (internet of things) solution for private PKI networks.

Number of IoT devices is on the rise all over the world and they require unique security. Manufacturers and service providers need to integrate several security mechanisms for privacy and security of connected devices. The devices without proper security can be infected by attackers, which might result in data breach.

While Comodo CA is a leading certificate authority and web security solutions provider, Device Authority is a global leader in Identity and Access Management (IAM) for IoT.

As a part of the partnership, Device Authority’s KeyScaler Platform will be integrated with Comodo CA’s IoT PKI Manager. This will power the IoT PKI Manager with device authentication engine and policy-driven certificate manager. The new solution will deliver a single and comprehensive security offering for IoT applications.

Aim of the new integrated solution is to enable mutual-authentication and lifecycle management of certificates that are installed on IoT devices.

The lifecycle management of certificates is a crucial function to keep the devices updated with new certificates. This will help in keeping the IoT devices safe even when new security vulnerabilities are discovered or when operators take proactive security measures.

“The differences between private PKI and publicly trusted SSL networks cannot be underestimated when it comes to the IoT,” explained Damon Kachur, Vice President IoT Solutions, Comodo CA.

“The ability to track devices from factory to front room makes all the difference in guaranteeing the authenticity of the device and the private network it is connecting to. With Comodo CA’s IoT PKI Manager, organizations can trust that only authenticated devices are entering their network, while rogue or untrusted devices are left at the front door. This practice ascertains whether the device is entitled to the permissions it is requesting.”

The IoT PKI Manager will protect businesses and their customers from malicious devices. Organizations will be able to contribute security to the IoT devices throughout their lifecycle. It will help them quickly bring secure, connected devices to market.

“Attackers are looking for ways to penetrate a device and its security systems, making it critical that operators are able to refresh and update the security on devices at any time,” said Darron Antill, CEO, Device Authority.

“Our KeyScaler™ platform offers Comodo CA-issued digital certificates, which provide automated certificate provisioning and management for IoT devices, giving our customers a simple-yet-powerful way to manage security across their IoT networks.”

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Comodo CA and Device Authority will demonstrate the new solution at the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona from 16-18 October.

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