ZNetLive rolls out new SaaS marketplace – an ecosystem to provide innovative cloud apps

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ZNetLive – India’s leading web hosting and cloud services provider, today announced the launch of its marketplace software platform that is built for developers to help them list any kind of software they develop and get it to the market easily.

ZNetLive SaaS marketplace is designed to create a powerful and innovative ecosystem for the customers and developers, both. Through this comprehensive developer portal, the developers can now list their software on this marketplace and make revenue through integrations and extensions, whereas buyers can get easy access to discover and purchase any software from the Software and Services category of the SaaS platform.

Munesh Jadoun, CEO, ZNetLive said, “Developers are technically skilled to develop apps, but when they are unable to see any market viability for their products, they shy away from working on innovative projects. Our platform is to help them innovate and earn handsomely for their efforts, while helping the cloud market and customers get innovative apps.”

This platform will provide customers with extensive range of existing and new cloud services under one roof. They will get a single login and a user portal to manage their past and current subscriptions.

Harish Patel, Chief Technical Officer at ZNetLive said, “The cloud market seems to be favoring SaaS solutions a lot, with them providing economies of scale and being easy to use by both technically trained and untrained alike. This segment of the cloud computing is finding widespread acceptance and is thus, expected to grow at a much higher rate, providing more opportunities for the developers to showcase their skills.

This platform is an initiative to help them do so easily, while generating income from the same,” he added.

ZNetLive SaaS Marketplace will enable developers to:

  1. Get a listing at no cost: They can feature their software for a limited period of time, without paying anything.
  2. Generate credibility and awareness: They can broadcast their offering on an established and credible, highly ranked domain name.
  3. Modify their software with users’ feedback: With this platform, they can ask buyers for their feedback, which they can use to improve their offering.
  4. Get found in results: They can promote their software and rank in relevant searches on the web.

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