ZNet Technologies joins forces with LeadSquared to revolutionize sales and marketing automation

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Sales and marketing

ZNet Technologies, India’s leading cloud distributor offering cloud infrastructure and managed services, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with LeadSquared, the renowned sales and marketing automation platform. This collaboration aims to transform the way businesses approach sales and marketing, leveraging LeadSquared’s cutting-edge technology and ZNet’s industry expertise.

The partnership promises to bring innovative solutions, addressing the need for more efficient and effective sales processes. By integrating LeadSquared’s robust features, such as hyper-automation, digital onboarding, omnichannel engagement, and field force automation, businesses are set to experience unprecedented levels of productivity and success.

“We are thrilled to embark on this journey with LeadSquared, a partnership that marks a milestone in our commitment to delivering exceptional value to our clients. Integrating LeadSquared’s innovative solutions with our proven expertise will redefine the sales and marketing landscape, offering our clients unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in their operations,” said Barkha Singh, Head Product & Alliances, ZNet Technologies.

Key Features Highlight:

  • LeadSquared’s marketing automation tools are designed to significantly improve the return on investment for both sales and marketing campaigns.
  • LeadSquared’s Sales CRM Software can help streamline processes for diverse business needs, particularly high-velocity sales environments.
  • LeadSquared’s Mobile CRM solution is beneficial for businesses requiring constant mobility, ensuring that management and sales teams operate efficiently from any location.
  • LeadSquared’s Customer Portal allows for a streamlined, self-serve user experience. It eases interaction and engagement with customers, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • LeadSquared’s Sales Performance Suite provides tools for goal alignment, tracking, and management, improving the overall productivity and effectiveness of sales operations.
  • Lead Management System from LeadSquared integrates features for capturing, qualifying, and nurturing leads effectively, ensuring that businesses maximize their potential for sales conversions and customer engagement.
  • LeadSquared’s Service Cloud goes beyond a help desk with end-to end ticket management, to streamline customer journeys.

“Partnering with ZNet Technologies is a strategic step towards amplifying the impact of our technology in new markets and industries. Together, we’re not just combining two powerful platforms; we’re creating a synergy that will drive transformational results for businesses looking to elevate their sales and marketing strategies,” said Anand Dev Dhand, Head – Partnership and Alliances, LeadSquared.

Looking ahead, ZNet Technologies and LeadSquared are committed to continuously evolving their offerings to meet the dynamic needs of the market. This partnership signifies a step towards a future where sales and marketing automation are not just tools, but integral parts of a successful business strategy.

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