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Xoogler Demo Day to Debut New Assure Virtual Platform Feature to Provide First Seamless, Touchless End-to-End Investment Process

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Assure and Xoogler partner to accelerate start-up pitch event by organizing and executing funding on Glassboard, Assure’s comprehensive deal management platform

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Xoogler and Assure announced today Xoogler Demo Day USA 2020 will be the first to use a new feature on Assure’s Glassboard virtual platform that will provide the first seamless and touchless investment process for startups and investors.

Demo Day USA 2020, which will feature 15 early startups from the Xoogler (ex-Google) community on Dec. 10, 2020, will facilitate the pitching and funding process with a new Glassboard feature. During this virtual event, all participating startups will be shared and evaluated by each investor using Glassboard’s new Deal Track and Market feature.

After evaluating the startups presenting on Xoogler Demo Day, Glassboard will automatically spin up a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) and invite all committed investors to fund and close on selected deals via an Assure SPV.

Glassboard is used to set up and manage the life cycle of SPVs or Funds, providing a seamless end-to-end investment process for startups and investors. Assure has successfully completed more than 5,300 deal transactions. The functionality of Glassboard was expanded to facilitate the Xoogler Demo Day with plans for this new feature to become ubiquitous at investment pitch events around the world.

Demo Day USA 2020 is one of several pitch events that the community organizes around the world bringing together Google alumni and current Googlers interested in helping ex-Google founders. Prior participants in Xoogler demo days have gone on to raise funds from top venture capital firms and some have also subsequently been acquired by Google.

“Assure’s focus is transforming venture investment by making it easier and more cost-effective than ever to establish and run investment entities,” said Katie Neilson, Assure CRO and Co-Founder. “With our ongoing innovation in technology-driven fundraising solutions, and partnerships with communities like Xoogler, we empower the investors and entrepreneurs fueling the evolution of the innovation economy.”

“After six Xoogler Demo Days in Europe, six in Asia, and four in the US, we’re excited to be partnering with Assure to host Xoogler Demo Day USA 2020 to help Xoogler startups raise funds and help investors invest in them seamlessly. This will help startups get funded more quickly and as a result, create jobs and hire faster during these challenging economic times,” said Christopher Fong, Founder of

For more information about this Xoogler Demo Day, or to apply as an investor, visit

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Assure is the pioneering, industry-leading provider of comprehensive structuring and administrative services for the syndicate and venture investment community. The company offers professional, high-quality services and innovative software that streamlines setting up, closing, and managing back-office fund administration for angel and private asset investing. Assure’s experience and volume significantly outpaces other fund administrators. Its approach, which allows clients to structure and close deals faster, cheaper and with more transparency, helped pave the way for the ascendance of the “super angels,” special purpose vehicles and micro VCs. The company has worked with more than 300 clients, including AngelList, EquityZen, Tribeca Angels, and Launch, structuring and closing more than 5,300 deals with over $4.7 billion assets under administration. Assure offers a full suite of services including special purpose vehicle administration, fund accounting and fund taxes, Exempt Reporting Advisor (ERA) services, KYC/AML services, 506(c) accreditation, and bookkeeping. For more information about Assure, visit

About Xoogler

The community was formed to bring together Google alumni and current Googlers interested in helping ex-Google founders. provides access to a global community of 9,000 ex-Googlers and over 200 events a year to enable startup success. Xoogler events include regular meetups about startup growth tactics, startup feedback sessions and sessions with founders to address their specific challenges. also has an active online community on Slack where Xooglers can reach out and help each other directly. They also offer various benefits from cloud and service providers to help startups succeed and a 1,600 member investment syndicate to invest in ex-Google startups.


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