XConnect partners with Odine Solutions to increase carrier profitability with Global Number Intelligence

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Global Number Intelligence

XConnect and Odine Solutions announced a partnership to minimize disputes and stop losses from Origin Based Rating (OBR). This new collaboration combines the Global Number Range data of XConnect with Odine’s Orion Advanced end-to-end voice management solution. This will save on costs by maximizing the carrier’s margins using pre-validated A and B numbers.

(Xconnect provides world class numbering intelligence solutions which pairs well with Odine’s advanced system integrator solution.)

OBR takes into account the origin and termination of the call while billing. Depending on the country of origin of the call, the terminating network may impose a surcharge on mobile termination rates (MTR). Unexpected surcharges are common and can be as much as 10 times the cost, with some even reaching 35x the standard termination rate.

“OBR has the potential to impact the business of any carrier that terminates international voice traffic. With OBR gradually increasing across continents, we’re finding customers are unwilling to take the risk on terminating to certain routes – losing revenue thanks to fear of surcharges,” said Eli Katz, CEO and Founder at XConnect. “Together with Odine Solutions, we enable carriers to minimise the risk of OBR to their margins and ensure their business is ready to adapt without making significant changes to existing systems. Mitigating OBR is critical for carriers of all sizes, so it’s time to take action now.”

XConnect and Odine will allow customers to take benefit from global numbering plan data to create a technology roadmap to fulfil accounting, switching, and fraud management needs as differentiated rates and OBR become the global benchmark. The solution enables carriers to achieve higher margins, build new business, accurate price services, minimize resources spent on disputes, and route traffic with confidence.

“Working with XConnect’s Global Number Range service we are adding an extra layer of protection for our customers via our Orion end to end management solution. As well as helping to increase profitability we will highlight potential fraud risks and disputes for operators. Working with XConnect has enabled us to provide more value for our customers and with continued growth of OBR, carriers that implement OBR management solutions will benefit from enhanced levels of visibility when routing traffic.” said Nick Cowley, Global Sales Director at Odine Solutions.

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