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World’s longest-running AI show series arrives in India

World’s longest-running AI show series arrives in India

The 39th global edition of the World AI Show by Trescon will bring together the brightest minds from AI and ML landscape to discuss their innovative applications and their scope in future India’s new normal. The event will further focus on mapping AI adoption in India’s enterprises and explore future technologies. 

With the increasing digitization of various industries, the demand for AI-integrated systems is gradually rising throughout India. The country is adopting (Artificial Intelligence) AI quickly – thanks to the thriving IT sector and increasing use of cloud-based applications. Considering these recent developments, the 39th global edition of the World AI Show India is set to take place on November 23, 2022, at The Leela, Mumbai. The event will highlight endeavors and pioneering advancements in the AI ecosystem in India.

The event will address major developments in India’s AI, ML, IA & Robotics fields, providing insights on a variety of government initiatives aimed at increasing internet access and promoting services like e-governance, e-banking, e-education, and e-health.

Speaking about Denodo’s presence at World AI Show, Ravi Shankar, Sr. Vice President & CMO, Denodo says, “To improve the results of AI and ensure that business value is delivered, the quality of the data being used will be key. We are now shifting from model-centric AI where the focus was on the tuning of the model and processing of the data, to data-centric AI, where data and its suitability is now more of a focus to derive better results. To better manage enterprise data, organizations will look to platforms that focus on delivering data with consistency, accuracy and trust. Platforms that help AI projects accelerate the delivery of insights and drive business improvements. Join us at the World AI Show to hear about the Denodo platform a how it provides a logical data architecture that helps organizations leverage their data more effectively and efficiently which helps to drive better business outcomes.”

While discussing the importance of AI, Soummo Bose, Head of AI, Tata Steel, explains, “AI learns from & enhances Human Intelligence rather than competing with it. AI is immensely data hungry, and it needs to be nurtured like a child in its development phase for it to learn the appropriate skill/behavior. Companies need to intently cultivate a data culture while being patient with an AI’s development.”

Shedding light on conversational AI, a key topic at the World AI Show, Aman Goel, CEO & Founder, Exotel states, “Conversational AI will play an important role in the future of customer engagement. Driven by ever-increasing customer expectations, it has become paramount for businesses to implement a round-the-clock easily scalable solution that can only be supported by machine learning tools. Currently, we are at the precipice of chatbot and voicebot technology, with research and new developments in natural language processing and emotional intelligence emerging every day to simulate human-like conversations. We envision a future where AI-enabled support will become a fundamental process in customer engagement, acting as the initial point of contact between a customer and the business. This does not mean that the customer engagement segment will become completely automated by AI. Companies that find the right synergy between human and AI interactions will lead the way in offering successful engagement and support.”

The event will feature some of the most prominent thinkers in the Indian AI, ML, IA & Robotics landscape, including:

  • Nitin Mittal, President & Group CTO, Zee Entertainment Enterprises, Ltd.
  • Rucha Nanavati, CIO, Mahindra Group
  • Krishnan Venkateswaran, CDIO, Titan Company Limited
  • Rajgopal Nayak, CTO, Metro Brands Limited
  • Ninad Raje, Director & CIO, Health Assure
  • Souma Das, Managing Director, Alteryx India
  • Gokul Gopalkrishnan, SVP & Business Head, Asia, Uniphore
  • Mallika Haria, SVP – AI SME & Lead, Citi
  • Dinesh Jain, VP & Head Clinical Data Analytics, Max Healthcare
  • Sushil Pathak, Head – Intelligent Process Automation Global CoE, Reckitt
  • Nilotpal Gupta, Head of Data Science, ICICI Securities
  • Kamal Kumar, Head of Analytics, Myntra
  • Amit Purohit, VP & Head of Digital, Aditya Birla Mutual Funds Ltd
  • Soummo Bose, Head of AI, Tata Steel
  • Chiranjoy Chowdhuri, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Pidilite Industries Limited
  • Anand Das, Head of Digital & AI, TVS Motors
  • Surbhi Gupta, Head of Digital, ACC
  • Ashwin Kalamkar, Head of Analytics & COE, Biocon
  • Gaurav Singh, Head Automation & Projects, Adani Group
  • Lalit Khosa, Director Sales, Exotel
  • Bharat Venkat, Technical Director APAC, Customer Success, Denodo Technologies
  • Dhruv Rastogi, VP & Head of AI, Data Science & Data Engineering, IKS Health
  • Aman Goel, CEO & Founder, Exotel
  • Gaurav Agarwal, VP & Managing Director India Region, Automation Anywhere
  • Prashant Hosangadi, Vice President – Business Relationship Management, Worley
  • Moumita Sarker, Director, Deloitte India
  • Prashant Kaddi, Partner, Deloitte India

“In recent years, the Government of India has set up multiple initiatives to boost AI development in the country. These include the launch of the National Artificial Intelligence Mission in 2020, which has a budget of Rs 1.5 billion (US$ 21 million) over five years, and the setting up of an AI development center in Bangalore. In addition, the government has also been working on developing AI standards and has set up a task force to develop a National Strategy for AI. With World AI Show, we hope to draw attention to India’s advantageous environment for the development of global AI,” Mithun Shetty, CEO, Trescon

Event partners at the 39th edition of World AI Show India include:

Knowledge Partner: Deloitte
Gold Partner: Alteryx | Uniphore
Silver Partners: Denodo | Exotel
Premium Bronze Partner: Automation Anywhere
Bronze Partner: Nividous
Exhibitor: Intelimek

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