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Workplace dynamics post Covid-19: Let’s have a sneak peek!

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  • By Mr. Vikram Kumar, Co-Founder and Managing Director, SRV Media Pvt. Ltd.

COVID-19 has upended the world and forced us to re-think, re-evaluate and re-create the way we function. Organisations around the world have shifted to the digital medium, working remotely as they try to get a hang of using technology in everyday activities. Leaders and experts have been deliberating on what to expect once the effect of the pandemic reduces.

Will we ever go back to our respective offices?

Will the need to have real estate for offices die down over time?

These are questions that have crossed the mind of every working professional. From taking tea-breaks in the office to juggling house-work with multiple meetings, the working style has changed the world over.

So, what are some of the changes we can expect at workplaces in the post-COVID world? While there is no definitive answer for this, there are few changes that have been predicted. Let’s go over them.


Recruitment has undergone a massive revolution in the last few months. From sourcing the right resumes to screening candidates, technology has been playing a critical role in helping Human Resource professionals hire effectively. Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning has allowed for a device to sieve out the unqualified candidates and reduce work significantly.

Along with that, remote work has allowed companies to expand their hiring base globally and work with the best talent remotely. This is another change that may be here to stay.


With companies hiring from all over the world, the number of applicants has increased manifold. Managing communication with those who wish to work with your company can be hard, but not impossible with technology at the disposal. Artificial intelligence allows for a chatbot to respond to queries, emails, followups, etc., which can continue to maintain the relationship with applicants and create the right image of your brand.


No, we do not mean buildings. We mean technology. The infrastructure that has supported us throughout the pandemic allowing us to be connected while we work from our homes is the infrastructure that will stay. Technology has made its importance felt and having a digital building system will work well while helping gather data efficiently and effectively.


One conversation that has been brought to the forefront during the pandemic is about well-being physically, emotionally and mentally. With our offices and homes coinciding, the number of hours in a day seems to have increased and having a work-life balance is almost impossible. Leaders across the globe have realised this and are discovering innovative solutions to keep their work-force happy.


It goes without saying that those who have been resilient are the ones who have continued to run businesses, garner jobs, maintain income, etc. Adaptability has become a key component that COVID-19 has inculcated in all of us. From making the digital shift to managing teams remotely, there’s a lot that companies and employees have learnt about adaptability. This knowledge will continue to form the base/foundation for organisations of the future.

As every day progresses, the changes expected also differ but it is understood that the world will never go back to the pre-COVID functionalities. The only way for every organisation to sail through is to stay positive, innovate and adapt to the times.

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