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High-demand career – Why you should pursue a career in IoT

career in IoT

The world today is highly interconnected, wherein technology plays a prominent role in our society. It’s safe to call the present times as a technological era that is continuously evolving.

Internet is at the helm of things and is contributing to shaping the 21st century. Since the internet and its applications are also evolving, there are certain domains such as IoT (Internet of Things) that have become a buzzword in the industry.

The field of IoT offers promising career opportunities because of several reasons. Firstly, an IoT degree focuses on practical applications, UNIX, LINUX, and a lot more. It allows students to work across distinct roles and pursue a career in the IoT domain. Students who want to pursue a career in this field can push their career to new heights through a formal degree like BCA with specialisation in IoT.

What is IoT?

Internet of Things (IoT) is an extension of internet connectivity into physical devices and everyday objects. In other words, IoT is a network of physical devices that can communicate and interact with their internal state or the external environment.

Let’s take a look at why students should pursue a career with a specialisation in IoT.

1. Response to Rapid Growth

IoT is already leading at many fronts and is ready to bring the next economic revolution. The global IT leaders are already creating connected devices and are constantly researching possibilities that will bring a sure and sudden change in the market. From a career perspective, all players – big or small are leveraging technology to usher into the IoT world.

  • Reports suggest IoT economic revolution will increase the average income between 20-30% by 2030.
  • Another report by Gartner suggests that by 2020, there will be 25 billion connected devices.

Such sheer growth numbers suggest that a career in IoT will be highly rewarding.

2. Chance to Work in a Growing Domain

Studying a domain focused course such as BCA with specialisation in IoT allows students to work in a domain that is still in its nascent stage but offers promising career opportunities. The technological trends showcase the growing footprint of artificial intelligence, machine learning, wireless networking technologies, and new-age products.

BCA with specialisation in IoT focuses on the practical applications of computer languages, and students will be working in creating these applications that enable IoT. The job prospects extend to information security, industrial automation, healthcare, home automation, and more.

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3. Future-Proof Career Option

IoT is at its growing stage, and it means there are many opportunities to be leveraged. Students looking to future-proof their career should choose domains like IoT as these career options are new and offer a promising career. From a career perspective, it’s also wise to upskill and be ready to take on opportunities that will make students ready for the future.

4. Exciting Job Prospects

The IoT domain offers exciting job prospects and valuable insights into the industry. After completing BCA with specialisation in IoT, students can work across different profiles where they will be creating applications using programming languages and allowing devices to connect to the internet. An IoT professional with a BCA degree is well-versed with programming languages such as C, C#, Java, .NET, and technologies such as Big Data, UNIX, and more.

There are options to pursue a career as a product manager, application architect, database designer, data scientist, IoT cloud engineer, industrial engineer, and more. Most organisations in the internet space are venturing into the IoT side of things and will find work across different verticals easily.

What’s Next?

IoT is a promising domain that offers exciting career options. It is lucrative and has many learning opportunities. In fact, both the private and public sector companies have tremendous scope in this domain. Since digitalisation is something inevitable, pursuing a career like this is highly beneficial. However, only a handful of universities offer a course in IoT as the domain is fresh and in its nascent stage.

Only a few reputable universities such as UPES offers courses like BCA with specialisation in IoT. The course is entirely industry-aligned and focuses on providing industrial exposure to students.

Guest Author- Kunal Hirwani

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