Why a strong digital presence matters when building a brand today

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As the online space grows in size and influence, it has increasingly become vital for brands to have a solid online presence. A strong digital presence helps consumers find your business easily on the internet and learn about your reputation before making purchasing decisions.

Below we’ll explore the importance of a strong digital presence and why it matters when building a brand today.

Helps build credibility

Today’s customers spend a significant amount of time on the internet researching before deciding to make a purchase. Businesses can leverage this consumer behavior by providing helpful web content to help customers in their research. This, in turn, helps a brand stand out as an industry authority and can help build credibility.

Besides resourceful content, sharing authentic video-based testimonials can help build a credible brand. Genuine testimonials effectively improve customer perceptions of your brand or product, which is the goal of every brand-building campaign.

Thanks to modern technology, collecting authentic video testimonials doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. You can find many different video testimonial applications to help you edit and publish the video testimonials you collect from the customers.

Today’s customer is online

Irrespective of your industry or the type of business you run, the most significant portion of your target market is online. Therefore, it is only wise for you as a business owner to follow your target market online by enhancing your digital presence.

According to a research, seven out of ten Americans are on social media; that’s quite a number to ignore. Failing to invest in a solid digital presence, particularly on social media, would mean missing out on a significantly lucrative opportunity.

You can reach further with the internet

Offline marketing tactics such as billboards, print ads, brochures, television ads, and events allow you to reach a limited number of people and at a very high cost. On the other hand, having a digital presence can help you get to a wider audience at a much lower price.

When done right, a digital presence can be an equalizer. It gives a startup the same opportunity as an established business. You will still need to get social media followers, blog readers, and online customers, but there will be no limitations on the geographical reach.

It complements your offline efforts

Just because the internet has become popular doesn’t mean you should discard traditional offline branding efforts. Combining a strong digital presence with an offline strategy can be extremely effective.

Some online tools such as Facebook hyper-local ads allow businesses to target their campaign to audiences that live within a specific distance from a business location. This means a potential customer who has interacted with your brand offline has a chance of interacting with it online, which can be very effective in converting them into a paying customer.

The best approach should be using the same taglines and messaging for your online and offline campaigns.

24-hour availability

A digital presence showcases your business 24 hours a day. It means prospective customers can still find your products and services even past your business working hours, irrespective of their geographical location.

In today’s competitive business, you want to be accessible 24 hours because prospective clients can always find another open store online if they can’t reach you.

Final words

If you haven’t leveraged the power of a strong digital presence, it’s never too late to start. However, building a solid digital presence requires effort, but it will surely pay off with a strong reputation, better brand awareness, and increased sales over time.

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