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Why Staff Augmentation Is What Your Business Needs

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Many are predicting huge changes to the modern workforce, such as the rise of Artificial Intelligence or cloud computing. And while those may be in the cards, there’s something else already growing in popularity that’s set to alter the makeup of companies and agencies everywhere: staff augmentation. From IT to HR, staff augmentation is helping businesses get the talent they need, when they need it, for less. It’s changing the way we work and it might be just what your company needs to innovate faster (and cheaper) than ever.

The Remote Possibilities

With the rise of remote work, companies are more comfortable than ever operating with employees at home, different offices or even various parts of the world. With these frameworks in place and the acceptance of telecommuting as a permanent fixture, it makes sense that companies should look for talent wherever they can find it. Staff augmentation allows them to fill in the holes with the talent they need, regardless of where they are.

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Now Hiring: Super-Employee

Anyone who’s recently looked for a job or looked to hire for a job can tell you that employers are looking for more skills than ever. This makes sense, as we see various burgeoning industries continue to grow at breakneck speed (looking at you, AR/VR, IT, AI, etc.). Research has shown that companies are in need of more specialized skills and talent than ever before. Rather than searching for an extremely multi-talented employee, it’s easier for companies to seek out temporary staff that can fill a dedicated role for the time they need it.

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More Talent, Lower Costs

From a business point of view, the switch to staff augmentation makes sense, too. Not only are companies getting the exact skills they need, they’re also reducing costs by not hiring a full-time employee. They don’t need to worry about paying for benefits or a yearly salary, and they don’t need to waste time looking for the perfect talent. And preexisting full-time employees will also benefit – they don’t have to worry about rapidly upskilling, and neither do their employers.

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Where to Begin

If you or your company is considering staff augmentation services, It’s important to start off by clearly defining your needs. What do you need these staffers to do? Will they be working on a specific project? You’ll also want to consider how long you’ll need their services, and whether it’s dependent on other factors such as full-time staff availability and project timelines. Once you have a solid idea of your needs, you can reach out to companies  who offer dedicated staff for everything from design to development.