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Why is Intranet Portal indispensable for Startups to Scale?

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Innovation has levitated a massive transformation in businesses & its impact has totally transformed how we operate. Intranets are the online internal portals of a company that holds the perfect avenue to store, organize and categorize crucial organizational information and carry out office operations in a seamless manner. Yet, most of the startups are still unaware of this privilege. 

Your employees may know some of the necessary apps and files, but not everything relevant to their jobs, probably not even 10%. As the organization grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to find the right piece of information from the massive sea of applications, documents, and files. Intranets act as a single access point to the knowledge base of an organization. The biggest advantage of intranets is, they help organizations to declutter & develop a culture. 

Here is why intranets are indispensable for scaling. 

Easy Information Sharing

Organizations have huge data to store and share. Basically, the data is stored across diverse platforms like emails, documents, sheets, drives, and various apps. Remembering and discovering a piece of information can become a tedious task. Using an intranet portal makes it easier for employees to discover what they need. Sharing data via internal means improves communication & responses. The enormous data can be made visible and easier to access by categorization.

Easy employee Onboarding

Intranet portals bring in an enormous competitive edge for your business. Having a single unique source to store, extract and share data can have immense benefits. For e.g. 

  1. Minimal employee onboarding time.
  2. Information left-back by previous employees can be retained.
  3. Share the old data with new or current employees, etc.

Giving your new employees access to essential data can help them work better and also improves their confidence. This in turn can have a positive impact on your customers due to on-time delivery and excellent services.

Built-in essential utility apps

Timesheet Tracker, leave management, performance tracker, calendar and people finder is what a company needs on a day-to-day basis. Although startups may overlook such conveniences, these utilities are bare minimum requirements to keep up with the scaling. Having an adept intranet enables your team to track their leaves, project timelines, and a lot more. A unique space to gather feedback and operate with your team helps foster better collaboration as all the information shared is in real-time.

Better Engagement

A good intranet helps you present uniquely engaging content to your team and helps with internal branding. Be it a blog post, CEO’s message, a marketing strategy, or product launch update. An intranet renders far better presentation features than using just a basic editor and bullet points in an email. Customized templates and feature-rich editors enable your team to create pages they are proud of. An intranet is a place where you can  

  1. Create diverse templates and pages,
  2. Build engaging content, 
  3. Communicate, 
  4. Broadcast news and updates, 
  5. Perform all your daily tasks with ease and  
  6. Bring together all crucial information into one space.

Build a Transparent Workplace Culture

Research states that 87% of employees prefer working with a company that has a transparent workplace culture. Intranet portals can help you build a conducive environment for your employees. Equal access to information and equal opportunity to share their views enables greater transparency between managers and employees.

Working remotely in different time zones has created an immediate demand for a unique, personalized process that keeps the organization connected.


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