Why is it a good idea to buy bulk flash drives?

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buy bulk flash drives

The new millennium saw the birth of the flash drive or USB as a means of safely storing digital data. This small device was capable of holding files and even videos and unlike other portable storage devices of yesteryear, such as CDs and floppy disks, these USBs were built to be highly robust and applicable for use in a variety of applications.

It is no wonder that the popularity of USBs has grown to a point where practically everyone has one. Their small size, huge data holding capabilities, and ubiquity have made them the most ideal solution for transferring and storing data.

They are many types of USBs and flash drives. They vary in size, shape, design, data processing speeds, and of course data capacity. But before we dwell into the specifics, let us first take a look at what USBs are and what purpose do they play in our fast-paced digital world.

The USB flash drive – What is it?

USB is short for Universal Serial Bus. USBs are essentially a plug-and-play storage device that offers a practical and convenient solution to storing and transferring of data. This is made possible as USB flash drives are driven by a flash memory storage system to help retain data without the need for power. They can be used to store data from computers and many other electronic devices.

Today, USBs are powerful enough to store vast quantities of data and can also be heavily encrypted to better safeguard sensitive data. The chip inside the flash drive does all the heavy-lifting while a tough exterior shell protects it from external damage.

USBs can be called by different names depending on where you are. The most popular terms include; flash drives, USB drives, USB sticks, pen drives, key drives, and USB thumb drives.

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Which USB should I get?

The popularity and demand of USBs have made them available for purchase pretty much anywhere but the prices and quality of these flash drives can greatly vary depending on the manufacturer and supplier.

What brand?

The top USB flash drives are made by manufacturers like SanDisk, Kingston, and PNY. These manufacturers have a proven track record of quality with excellent warranty terms. Top-quality usb drives in bulk can be purchased at wholesale prices from reliable online suppliers such as Everything But Stromboli.

Apart from just the brand or manufacturer, there are other things you need to consider before choosing a flash drive that is right for your needs. These factors include:

USB flash drive sizes

The physical size of a USB flash drive is not what we are looking for here as all USBs are small; no more than the length of your thumb. What you need to consider is the drive capacity. The larger the drive capacity the more data one can store.

So, if you are looking for a flash drive to store music, videos, and high-quality pictures, then you probably need a flash drive that has a drive capacity of at least 64 GB, if not 128 GB and even 256 GB.

If the purpose of the flash drive is to store and transfer text files and maybe a few pictures than an 8 GB, 16 GB, or 32 GB flash drive is ample enough. Even though USBs can be found in even smaller denominations these have essentially become redundant and obsolete as our need for data consumption constantly increases.

Shape & design

The exterior of a USB drive is what gives it its aesthetic appeal. You can have USBs that look professional while others are funky and creative in their use. There are really no real restrictions on the exterior shape, color, design, and material of a USB. You can have ones that light up when plugged in and are transparent while another can be in the shape of your favorite cartoon character.

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Why buy flash drives in bulk?

Buying bulk flash drives will not only save you money (as the more you buy the cheaper the price becomes) but can also be used as the perfect giveaway or gifts to family and friends. Who doesn’t need a flash drive? That’s right, no one! You can never have enough flash drives lying around, especially, if you are in a line of work that requires the need for constantly transferring and storing data.

Buying more than one flash drive is always a smarter choice. Ever heard someone say “Make sure you make a backup of that backup”. What they are referring to is the need to make sure that the data you have is stored on more than one storage device so that in case something was to happen to one, the data would not be lost forever.

Even though flash drives are robust they can still break or become corrupted after prolonged use. It is always a good idea to have a backup flash drive and maybe even a backup of your backup.

Some people like to have different USBs for storing different types of data. You can have one that is personal while another could be for work purposes only. Maybe a third one for storing all your music and movies and a fourth that is there just in case. Like we said, you can never have too many flash drives lying around!

USBs are also the perfect product for corporate giveaways as you can customize the exterior to have you company name or logo printed on. Since USBs are normally always kept close at hand, what better way to advertise to your desired target audience than having a USB with your company name and logo hanging off a keychain or lying on a desk in an office space.

During events, seminars, and expos, companies and businesses will hand out personally branded USBs with data about the business stored within to further pique the interest of potential customers.


If you like a USB flash drive, don’t just buy one. Get a few at a time at the very least so you don’t need to constantly be shopping around for more in the near future!

Guest Author- John Bickley

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