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Which is better? Google Search or ChatGPT?

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In a world where chatbots are slowly becoming smarter with every passing day, it can be exciting to consider the possibilities of how artificial intelligence (AI) might play out in our lives. Artificial intelligence is having a fast-increasing influence over our lives. In November 2022, OpenAI released ChatGPT, its dialogue-based AI chatbot that can understand and respond to natural language. ChatGPT is causing a stir in the digital world with its impressive range of talents, from poem-writing to code creation and idea generation. Its capabilities have led some experts to ponder whether this powerful AI-based technology could disrupt Google’s primacy as the search leader.  

The debate between Google and ChatGPT is one worth exploring. Both have impressive artificial intelligence capabilities, but which one truly provides the smartest conversational experience? In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the comparison of these two AI platforms. Preply, a global language learning platform, investigated the intelligence of Google and ChatGPT, and here are the results!  

Comparing Google with ChatGPT 

Google keeps you updated with real-time information 

With its access to real-time data, Google has a considerable advantage over ChatGPT. Nonetheless, with upcoming improvements that would grant the latter similar capabilities, the disparity between the two is expected to decrease, creating a more even footing between them. However, at present, ChatGPT cannot give real-time or updated information. 

Google gives you many sources of information to explore 

When it comes to researching, Google is unparalleled in both speed and scope. With a single query, one can swiftly access more than 10 sources via the first page of results, unlike ChatGPT. Additionally, if further exploration into your topic is desired; you also have ‘People also ask’ at your disposal for many searches. 

Too much info and confusion with Google results 

Google’s tendency to offer a broad selection of results can be counterproductive and disorienting; it may present reputable sources alongside those that lack credibility. In contrast, ChatGPT produces thoughtful responses akin to what one might hear from an expert in their field thus providing users with trustworthy answers quickly and efficiently. 

Google scores more by providing actionable content 

Google results include videos, images, links to websites, and more superior quality content which enables the user to trust and understand the answer better. It also enables the user to interact on its search page by allowing them to do calculations, conversions, translations, etc. 

ChatGPT hits the bull’s eye with detailed and thoughtful responses 

When it comes to getting a precise answer to a question, ChatGPT is of much help as it provides you with exactly what you are looking for. For example, if you ask ChatGPT and Google how you can make money, this is the response you get: 



We can conclude that: 

Google’s iconic search engine has been a valuable tool for many years. ChatGPT however is something entirely different – it possesses an advanced level of training and can be considered its own entity in terms of writing ability. Google puts its best effort into delivering reliable data quickly and dynamically; however, often users end up being presented with irrelevant content or have no guidance at all as they take the initiative while investigating topics online.  

ChatGPT is an advanced language model, empowering it to comprehend and generate text through training. Google stands as a powerful search engine with vast resources available at our disposal. But while both technologies provide useful information in response to queries, ChatGPT goes much further by creating natural-sounding sentences based on the given data inputs – exhibiting artificial intelligence at its finest! 

Google recently released its conversational AI service, Bard for testing. Bard uses a set of deep learning algorithms to respond to questionnaires and combines expansive knowledge with the power, intelligence, and creativity of Google’s large language models to provide fresh, high-quality responses based on information from the web. Google’s new AI-driven updates to their Search feature will soon provide a holistic view of any given topic. Web users can quickly get the essential information and then access additional perspectives or an in-depth understanding of related topics, all conveniently compiled into easy-to-comprehend formats. 

Source: Preply 

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