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What to expect in cloud telephony in 2020?

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What to Expect in Cloud Telephony Technology 2020?

Businesses nowadays are curating innovative methods to create a superior customer experience. Cloud telephony is one such technology that can revolutionize the way a company and customer interacts. With the rapid change in the market trends, one can also witness a change in consumer behavior perspective. Therefore, to offer a seamless and happy customer experience, implementation of cloud telephony solutions will retrieve effective outcomes. But before that it is vital to understand what it is and how it works.

What is Cloud Telephony?

A cloud telephony is an advanced technology that allows to connect various communication devices and software applications on a single platform. That platform is known as a hosted service which is offered by a service provider. The extraordinary feature of this technology is that it does not require any “on-premise devices, as in no CAPEX requirements. It can simply be configured on any device through a quick plug and play method via CRM integration. Also, the uniqueness of this technology is that you can get it installed in your existing CRM tool, meaning you do not need to switch to a new tool. It only makes your existing tool faster and smarter.

Benefits of Using Cloud Telephony

Inclination of Companies towards creating a superior impact has pulled them more towards data analytics, real-time analytics, remote access, automation, AI and Machine Learning. Thus, every business can outperform with their services to excel in creating a cost-effective solution that will serve them in the longer run.

  • Easy to use/User-friendly: It allows you to stay connected from anywhere & anytime via a single secured login in real-time. A simplified online dashboard that allows the relationship manager and its agents to be connected on the same platform.
  • Customized Solutions: Cloud telephony can be easily integrated with any leading CRM and helps you get started within hours, without switching to a new CRM tool. And due to this feature, there are added benefits of customizing the solutions as per the business needs.
  • Data Security: Get access to a secured platform that maintains the data privacy of the customers as well as the company. Also there are additional features like restricted account login for every agent to limit the access of customer information.
  • Scalability: The best part of using cloud telephony is its scalability advantage. You can scale up and down your operations as per your requirement, Hence, an intringed opportunity to scale at ease.
  • Real-time Insights: Getting access to live monitoring and reports via real-time analytics dashboard will always keep you ahead of your competitors. It can also help you in strategic decision making as well.
  • Automation: By automating your sales and operations process for speedy closure of every day business will ensure customer satisfaction as well. This will also offer you to put in your strategy and efforts in other departments. AI also plays a role here in curating an explicit customer experience.

How various Industries are leveraging Cloud Telephony in Curating Unique Experiences?

Adoption of cloud telephony into multiple industrial verticals has proved beneficial in terms of creating a smooth customer engagement platform. Industry verticals like Education, E-commerce, BFSI, Logistics, Hospitality and more have implemented cloud based solutions and the outcome is magnificent.

Education industry is applying cloud telephony in getting quality prospects for admission and counselling. The complete process was conducted through smart solutions like Click to call and Cloud contact center.

E-commerce industry is using cloud telephony through cloud contact center and SMS software to serve their customers needs faster. Also, offered instant resolvement of queries by adding multi-level IVR system. It is a way of automating the communication process where a carefully curated multiple sub-menu is added through a human-like voice & it saves time as well.

BFSI industry is offering a secured line of communication between its customers and the relationship managers through Click to Call and Cloud Contact center with Number Masking and IVR system. This simplifies the process of communicating with the customers while maintaining data security as well.

Logistics industry has been embracing smart technology by incorporating solutions like inbound and outbound contact center with multi-level IVR system. It allows the customers to get their queries resolved quickly.

Thus, reinventing your customer communication experience will improve efficiency in serving your customers better.

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