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What Makes Static Residential Proxies Special?

What Makes Static Residential Proxies Special?

You have probably heard about static proxies and wondered if the hype surrounding them is a marketing stunt intended to drive more sales of the proxies or are they factual claims. And if the claims are true, what makes them special?

We will answer this question, but let’s define proxies first.

A proxy server is a tool that enables businesses and individuals to access websites without direct contact. It acts as an intermediary that masks the IP address of the device connected to the internet and hides its location as well by revealing different details to the web server.

There are two main types of proxies:

  • Data center proxies
  • Residential proxies

Data center proxies are artificially created in the data centers. They do not rely on an internet service provider or internet connection. Data center proxies have a high-speed connection and are readily available, but they are easily detectable.

Residential proxies, on the other hand, are highly reliable and legitimate proxy servers usually provided by internet service providers to homeowners. They are reliable and provide high levels of anonymity. But their speed cannot compare to that of data center proxies.

What are static residential proxies?

Static residential proxies combine the good qualities of data center proxies and residential proxies, while eliminating the weaknesses.

They are data center proxies assigned to the users by internet service providers. It gives them the speed of data center proxies, and because you can trace them back to the internet service provider, they are less detectable.

Static residential proxies allow you to use the same IP address as long as you need, and this provides high levels of anonymity.

What makes static proxies special?

There are three main reasons you ought to invest in a static residential proxy for your business.

1) High-Speed Web Scraping Projects

Web scraping involves extracting large amounts of data from the internet for market research purposes using an automatic tool known as a scraper. The scraper makes use of a proxy IP to prevent the web administrator from detecting the real source of the traffic.

The speed of a static residential proxy will ensure that you complete the web scraping project fast and carry out a more extensive job in less time.

2) High Level of Anonymity

Using a proxy for your projects does not always guarantee that your proxy will not be detected. Most web administrators have thorough security checks that involve tracing back the proxy. It makes proxies such as data center proxies easily detectable.

A static residential proxy is created in data centers but distributed by internet service providers. An attempt by the web administrator to trace it back will reveal that the IP address is provided by the internet service provider, making them legitimate.

3) 99% Uptime

Whether you are using a proxy to carry out market research, or price scraping for competitive pricing, you wouldn’t want to have your project interrupted midway. Slow-loading pages and frequent internet interruptions could cause such a scenario.

A static residential proxy will guarantee a smooth process. The IP address remains unchanged, making it easier to avoid potential IP address conflicts. The high-speed connection also helps in reducing lag and buffering time.

Where are Static Residential Proxies Mostly Applied?

The high speed and reliability of static residential proxies make it suitable for use in any task that calls for a quick connection and where there is a high risk of being detected. The unchanging IP address means it is most suitable where you cannot use rotating IP addresses.

Here are a few examples where it can come in handy:

  • Social media management
  • When carrying out business operations on classified websites
  • When assessing the performance of competitors’ operations by visiting their e-commerce site and making a purchase.

Using the same address in classified websites enables you to have the IP white-listed for easier and quicker access.

Key Takeaway

A proxy is essential for any business’s marketing strategy. It makes it possible to:

  • Extract vital data from the web without detection and gain access to blocked websites
  • Manage multiple social media accounts
  • Carry out ad verification
  • Keyword research
  • Improve the security within your private networks
  • It also makes it possible for travel fare aggregators to operate their business.

Static residential proxies are a combination of data center proxies and residential proxies. They are fast and reliable, and you get to use one IP address for as long as you need it.

By using static proxies, you can carry out tasks that require anonymous browsing but do not support the use of rotating IP addresses. These kinds of proxies provide high levels of anonymity and a guaranteed 99% uptime.

Ensure that you are getting your proxy from a qualified and trusted vendor, and always avoid free versions. A free proxy will compromise your business’s internet protection.

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