New guy in the management: What does the Chief Experience Officer (CXO) do?

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Chief Experience Officer (CXO) is one of the newest management positions of the so-called C-level, along with CEO, CMO, and others. The CXO is responsible for the user experience in the organization. In most companies, their functions relate to different positions, but the industry leaders are two steps ahead of the majority and have introduced such specialists several years ago. “Who is this guy in the management?” — you will ask.

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Let’s learn in detail the peculiarities of this profession.

User Experience Expert

User experience (UX) is the feeling that a person experiences during direct interaction with objects of the surrounding world. In a narrower sense, UX characterizes a human’s individual perception of the functional and emotional characteristics of a product or service during use. For example, if this converter transfers files from PST to Excel, it should be easy to use for the beginner customer to reach the widest audience.

The importance of UX is promoted by Jesse James Garrett, co-founder of Adaptive Path. In his book Elements of Interaction Experience, he tells that during the development of a product, its creators pay maximum attention to its functionality/qualities. User experience is often ignored, but this aspect separates success from failure. UX is not about how a product functions (although this sometimes matters a lot). User experience refers to how a device works when a person comes into contact with it and uses it.

The entire process of UX development requires that every single aspect of the user’s interaction with your product (application, website, device, etc.) occurs due to the conscious decision of the developers. This means that at each stage of development, it is necessary to understand the user’s expectations and take into account any possible actions. Perhaps, this is the main function of the CXO.

Key Functions of the CXO

Here are the main functions of the CXO:

  • making user interaction strategies;
  • management of software and hardware development;
  • creative reviews and conceptual model development;
  • positioning and protection of the company’s intellectual property.

To become a good CXO, you need to:

  • understand the user, business, and technology;
  • know how the product should develop to fulfil its purpose better;
  • stimulate and improve the activity of the development team aimed at anticipating user requests.

Thus, the CXO is a kind of rock star for the company, providing a very magical experience of interaction. Board members have not yet got used to these executives, and many of the people in these positions are true pioneers in their business, holding CXO chairs for just a few years. Each of them is responsible for the overall customer experience of the company and its products and services.

Among the most outstanding CXOs is the unforgettable Steve Jobs, but today, Elon Musk from Tesla Motors is considered the best.

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