What do the elderly do online?

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What do the elderly do online?

When last did you make use of the internet? The answer is a simple one. You are probably using it right now, to read this article.

Can you cast your mind back to a time when you were not using the internet on a daily basis? Your answer would most likely be a negative one. The internet is all we know. Only pioneered in 1992, the internet has become part and parcel of our lives in such a short period.

The impact of the internet on our lives cannot be overestimated. Mundane activities such as getting directions and locking your home can now be conducted via the internet. It used to be a young man’s game, but now the global network connects people from all ages. You read that right.

Nowadays, the elderly are connected to the internet like never before.

In fact, a visual created by reports that at least 70% of the elderly make use of the internet on a consistent basis. A considerable percentage of them stay online for a total of 27 hours every week. And it turns out that the internet needs of the elderly are not that different from those of younger generations. Surely, there are entire websites and dedicated med-alert help systems tailored especially for the needs of the elderly, but the senior citizens of today utilize the internet in many conventional ways too.

Chief among the activities that the elderly carry out on the internet include finding information on search engines, checking and sending emails, reading the news, checking the weather forecast, shopping online, keeping in touch with loved ones, and, best of all, making use of social media.

Social media is an increasingly important platform in today’s society. On social media, people from different walks of life can find news and random information, share personal experiences and connect with family. The elderly have increased the rate at which they use social media platforms. In 2013, only 27% of senior citizens used social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Today, that figure has risen by seven points to become 34%.

The internet usage of the elderly is spread out across different channels and platforms. The infographic below also has more information on the activities that senior citizens carry out online. The internet is no longer the exclusive domain of the youth. It is time to get excited about that.

This infographic by MedAlertHelp will help you understand the seniors’ relationship with digital technology, more specifically – their relationship with the Internet.

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