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Smartwatches are causing a significant transformation in the technology sector and gaining immense popularity worldwide. Increasing numbers of individuals are abandoning their conventional wristwatches in favor of these versatile devices that offer a wide range of functions, including fitness tracking and call management. Watch Faces has provided statistics indicating that smartwatch ownership has reached an impressive level, with approximately 22.5% of global internet users, equivalent to 1.2 billion people, currently owning a smartwatch. This figure reflects a notable 9% increase compared to the previous year.

Smartwatch adoption rates vary significantly across different countries, showcasing varying degrees of popularity. Notably, the United Arab Emirates takes the lead with an impressive 33.4% of its internet users (approximately 3.1 million people) owning a smartwatch.

The Czech Republic secures the second position with 31.6% of its internet users (around 3 million people) owning a smartwatch, closely followed by Hong Kong at 30.6% or an estimated 2.1 million smartwatch users.

India shows remarkable smartwatch adoption at 29.1%, representing an astonishing 201.4 million users considering the country’s vast population.

Poland concludes the top five countries with the highest smartwatch adoption rate, where 28.8% of internet users, or roughly 10.6 million people, possess a smartwatch.

In the United States, the ownership rate of smartwatches among internet users exceeds the average at 26%, equating to approximately 80.9 million people. Conversely, Canada exhibits a slightly lower smartwatch ownership rate at 21.8%.

However, it is surprising to note that Japan, Morocco, and Ghana have the lowest smartwatch adoption rates among internet users. Despite Japan’s reputation as a tech-savvy nation and a prominent player in the electronics industry, only 8.6% of Japanese internet users own a smartwatch, despite an impressive 83% internet penetration rate in 2023. In Morocco, the figure stands at 6.4%, while in Ghana, it is merely 5.9%.

The primary group embracing smartwatch technology consists of internet users aged 25 to 34, with a notable ownership rate of 27.2% among females and 26.9% among males.

Interestingly, the worldwide fascination with smartwatches continues to thrive without any signs of diminishing. Watch Faces’ earlier studies reveal that tech giants such as Apple are witnessing substantial demand for their smartwatch offerings. In 2022, Apple established its dominance in the smartwatch market, selling an impressive 50 million units.

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