Voxility Delivers Scalable 100Gbps Bandwidth to Serve Demand from Cloud, Gaming and Video Content

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The IaaS provider is enabling more customers to benefit from ultra-low latency, zero-packet loss networking and uncongested access to major residential networks. 

Voxility, an international Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider, has expanded its networking capabilities to enable a wider range of businesses to boost their bandwidth in order to meet growing demand. Its scalable bandwidth offering delivers 100Gbps bandwidth across its global network with greater cost-efficiency. Customers can combine flexible IaaS with low-latency internet access to connect and optimize applications and services.   

Voxility offers enterprise-grade hardware and network equipment in the best inter-connected internet hubs, as well as premium colocation services on a pay-as-you-go basis. Its extended IaaS offerings and scalable bandwidth combined with anti-DDoS services provide a flexible cloud-centric environment, but with all the control and security of an on-premises deployment.  

“Throughout 2020, we have seen surging bandwidth demands as user behaviors adapt to lockdowns and quarantines. Gaming, video consumption, music apps and file sharing are among the profiles with highest increase in traffic demands. Our scalable bandwidth offering is about enabling more traffic intensive platforms to scale up, meet these demands with amazing pricing and benefit from flexible and secure infrastructure,” said Maria Sirbu, VP of Corporate Communications at Voxility. “Our dedicated and secure IaaS model was created to maximize adaptability without compromising on security or costs, and our newest bandwidth offering is an extension of that.” 

Voxility’s offer 100Gbps Internet Access at a very competitive cost of $11,500 and it aggregates all customers’ external traffic in a data center for further efficiency. Voxility (AS 3223) connects directly with more than 1650 other networks including NTT and Telia and it is ranked in the top 100 internet networks in the world. 

“Services that run exclusively online now need far more bandwidth and transfer speed to create incredibly personalized experiences. We developed this high availability Internet offering to match the demands for affordable, fast connectivity and to support excellent end user experiences,” said Sirbu.

“Voxility’s global network was built for low latency and zero packet loss. We’re looking forward to giving users better connectivity, as well as infrastructure scalability and flexibility, no matter if their own servers or ones previously rented from Voxility are used to connect to the Internet,” she added.

With Voxility’s global platform, data centers, cloud services, hosting providers, and telecommunication companies can build any type of secure cloud service. Customers benefit from rapid access to hardware, network, data center, and security services from a single platform, with the efficiency of a model driven by capital expenditure (CapEx).

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Image source: Voxility

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