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VMware and SAP collaborate to enhance and streamline IoT initiatives across organizations

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The software giants – VMware and SAP, recently announced a partnership, aimed at developing an integrated IoT solution that will ease implementation and management of IoT usage across devices, infrastructure, edge, cloud and application domains. The partnership is going to enable faster deployment, scalability and on-schedule execution of IoT projects.

While VMware is an established infrastructure and device management software provider, SAP is a leader in enterprise applications and analytics. The goal of both the companies is to bring together a consistent IoT ready architecture comprising infrastructure and application plane. The infrastructure layer consists of IoT infrastructure itself and includes management and security capabilities, while the application plane is utilized for analyzing insights from connected things for driving business processes and decisions.

VMware and SAP will club their expertise in infrastructure, and applications and analytics arenas, with their Pulse IoT CenterTM and SAP Leonardo IoT solutions, respectively. VMware will help organizations with an infrastructure plane for their IoT projects to securely onboard, configure and monitor things on an ongoing basis with on-premise support capabilities.

Recently announced Pulse IoT Center will simplify IoT complexity by managing all ‘things’ as one. It will improve reliability and security of IoT infrastructure through real-time and precise visibility into things and will speed up ROI of IoT use cases by improving the way of streamlining deployment and scaling of IoT projects.

SAP Leonardo helps organizations transform systems that manage processes or workflows into intelligence systems by combining advanced technologies like IoT, machine learning, artificial intelligence and analytics for bridging the gap between operations and IT.

“VMware and SAP have a long and rich history of working together to empower our mutual customers to transform their businesses with solutions that help to innovate, simplify and move toward a software-defined enterprise architecture. Today, we extend that relationship with our collaboration to apply our know-how to helping customers successfully deploy and operate their IoT solutions spanning infrastructure to applications and analytics.”Mimi Spier, vice president, Internet of Things, VMware

The customers will also be able to access both operational and business analytics, have a pre-integrated and pre-tested solution for faster deployments, and better value of time.

“Companies win when they can make intelligent real-time decisions at the edge; SAP Leonardo supports that bold innovation,” said Nils Herzberg, senior VP, global head, IoT Go-to-Market & Strategic Partnerships for SAP. “As customers start to implement, one obstacle to realizing that vision is tackling infrastructure lifecycle and management outside of the traditional data center. By working with VMware, we are helping customers to create innovative gains while supporting a reliable, maintainable and secure IT platform.”

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VMware had unveiled Pulse IoT Center in March this year to let enterprises have control over their IoT devices and networks. It is expected to be generally available in calendar 2017.

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