VMware and Carbon Black join forces for datacenter and cloud security

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VMware has collaborated with the next-generation endpoint security provider Carbon Black, to announce a new security solution that automates the threat detection and remediation.

The joint solution has been built on VMware’s AppDefense which it launched earlier this year in collaboration with a number of security firms including Carbon black.

“Cloud and virtualization provides enterprises with new security opportunities that go beyond traditional approaches,” said Patrick Morley, CEO of Carbon Black. “Carbon Black and VMware are uniquely capable of moving beyond point security solutions to give enterprises a more robust and holistic approach to securing mission critical applications running in the data center. We are looking forward to the opportunity to help businesses around the world running more than 60 million VMs achieve the highest levels of security.”

With the extended partnership, VMware will combine AppDefense with Carbon Black’s Cb Defense, to secure the applications inside the data center and advance the cloud security.

Cb Defense runs on the Predictive Security Cloud, and is a next-generation antivirus plus Event Data Recorder (EDR) in one cloud-delivered platform that protects from commodity malware, advanced malware, non-malware and ransomware attacks.

“Carbon Black and VMware will deliver a new model for security that marries complementary components, combined in ways that fully leverage the unique properties of virtualization and cloud to help protect organizations that was previously not possible,” said Tom Corn, senior vice president, Security Products at VMware. “With this new joint solution, data center endpoints can be strengthened with system integrity and least privilege, critical applications and data are safe from both non-malware and malware attacks and Security Operations will be empowered to react faster and more effectively than before.”

AppDefense monitors the applications running on vSphere-based virtualized environments, and tracks runtime behavior. It uses machine learning to detect whether the data center endpoint is legitimate, and indicate the real threats.

Once the threats are identified, the solution uses the virtual infrastructure again to deliver a library of responds, including suspending and snapshotting a virtual machine.

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The joint security solution will be generally available from Carbon Black in February 2018.

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