VMware announces partnership with Google and Pivotal to bring Kubernetes to enterprise customers

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VMware announced its partnership with Google and Pivotal on the second day of VMworld 2017. The three companies together will promote Kubernetes to large organizations having their own data centers.

The move that revolved around the new Pivotal Container Service(PKS) by Pivotal – a $2.8 Billion startup, will make it easier for the enterprises to quickly deploy Kubernetes on premise with vSphere. The applications built using PKS can be easily installed on servers running VMware’s software or in Google Cloud.

Since, a lot of enterprises are running applications in lightweight containers to deploy quickly without the overload of virtual machines, the three companies came together to make it easier to deploy container-based applications in a multi-cloud environment. The Pivotal Container service is also compatible with the Google Container Engine, and offers simple network and security provisioning with VMware NSX.

“Acquiring the technical capabilities and the transformative culture associated with modern software companies is a matter of competitive urgency for most enterprises. To adapt, organizations need to provide their developers modern application development platforms to enable them to ship code continuously. Pivotal and VMware, in partnership with Google Cloud, bring you Pivotal Container Service, a powerful new way to deploy and operate Kubernetes.” -Rob Mee, CEO at Pivotal

The PKS enables the developers write codes while the Kubernetes handles the tough job of managing the containers. It simplifies the task of building software that is supposed to run on a large platform. PKS is also configured for Google Cloud Platform (GCP), to benefit the developers with GCP services like Spanner, BigQuery, and Machine learning.

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All the three partners get some benefits from it- VMware will be able to provide its customers an easy access to Google Cloud, including the artificial intelligence services, Google will be able to access VMware’s customers which include many big names across the globe and Pivotal will get the support from both leading companies in grabbing a bigger share of the market.

The new service is expected to be available in the 4th quarter of 2017, and both Pivotal and VMware will sell it directly through their respective selling channels as well as via VMware partner program.

VMware PKS will also be made available by Dell EMC on VxRack Systems and VxRail Appliances, that provide a foundation of data protection and hyper-converged infrastructure.

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