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VisionNav Robotics Embraces RMB100.00 million in B1 Round Financing

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SHENZHEN, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Recently, VisionNav Robotics has completed the B1 round financing with aggregate amount up to RMB100.00 million, which was led by Lenovo Capital and followed by Flyfot Ventures together with the old shareholder Eastern Bell Capital. The capital raised this time shall be applied for the continuous R&D of improving the existing visual control and perception technology, breakthrough of demanding scenes application, and business scale up.

Since its establishment in 2016, VisionNav Robotics has turned out to be a leading innovator and solution provider of vision guided forklifts as it always focuses on the R&D and application of visual-based driverless technology, and succeeds in incorporating visual control, perception and 5G technology into industrial vehicles, and launching flexible, intelligent, reusable and cost-effective material handling solutions in logistic links such as loading, unloading, storage and distribution.

Recent years accompanied with increasing demand for automatic storage and smart warehousing, logistics ‘nodes’ now have dominated the main battlefield of automatic facilities. Normally, automatic warehousing may be achieved in the following two solutions:

The first solution is to “shorten time by expanding space”. In other words, warehouses are rebuilt by adding “good-to-person” robots, AMRs and AS/RS systems, as “Asia No. 1” of and “Cloud Warehouse” of Suning Logistics provides a good case in point. Such practice, however, takes tremendous cost at the early stage, and requires dramatic change in existing warehousing environment, indicating poor system flexibility.

The second solution is to “improve equipment intellectualization” represented by visual-base robotic arms and automated guided vehicles. It is a more agile and flexible way to rebuild warehouse without touching the original settings. With respect to the warehousing in the logistics and manufacturing industry, users generally give priority to the processing of complicated tasks, operation efficiency and payback period when design automatic warehouses.

Currently, VisionNav Robotics, possessing extremely sophisticated automatic warehouse solutions, mainly provides its end-customers with automated guided forklifts (increment market) and their industrial vehicles transformation services (stock market), along with the central control dispatching system applicable for multilevel system integration and the location detection system applicable for multi-object identification to assist customers in achieving warehousing automation in logistics nodes throughout the process and in multiple dimensions, and shortening the payback time to less than two (2) years. The products of VisionNav Robotics are frequently used in intralogistics (i.e. automobile, 3C, food and drug) and warehouse logistics (i.e. e-commerce, retail, 3PL and aviation). Up to now, VisionNav Robotics has reached cooperation with over ten leading industry enterprises of Fortune Global 500, and deploy solutions in over 50 project sites.

According to LI Luyang, CEO of VisionNav Robotics, in the future, more efforts will be made to expedite solution commercialization nationwide, to improve the permeability ratio of automated industrial vehicles in rigid scenarios, and to deploy more robots in overseas market, which shall center on Hong Kong of China, radiate Southeast Asia, East Asia and Middle East, and finally reach Europe and America.


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