Verizon to use Samsung’s home routers for 5G commercial launch

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Samsung, on Wednesday, announced that Verizon is going to use Samsung’s Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) network solutions to roll out initial 5G network commercial services.

The FWA is a low cost and performance optimized wireless service to deliver broadband in places where the fixed broadband solutions are limited.

Both the companies had conducted 5G customer trials in 2017 in California, Georgia, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Michigan, Texas, and Washington D.C. The 5G performance has been successfully tested and tried using the millimeter-wave (mmWave) frequency.

Samsung will use its in-house technology and assets to build commercial 5G home routers and 5G radio access units for Verizon. These solutions comprise a compact radio base station, virtualized RAN (Radio Access Units) elements, and 5G radio frequency planning services.

“The industry has been discussing 5G connectivity for years, and through our joint collaboration with partners like Samsung, we are beginning to make it a reality for our customers,” said Ed Chan, Chief Technology Architect and Network Planning, Verizon. “Sacramento is an ideal place to begin deploying 5G broadband services, providing a progressive environment for creating future use cases.”

The 5G networks will deliver fiber-level speed, low latency, and there will no negative effect of environmental factors like rain and snow. When 5G radio was tested, it was found that a single 5G radio could reach the 19th floor of a multi dwelling unit.

“Together with Verizon, we have explored the vast potential of 5G through market trials across the U.S.,” said Mark Louison, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Networks Division, Samsung Electronics America. “At the same time, Samsung applied lessons learned from these real-world trials to ensure that our complete end-to-end 5G portfolio is ready for commercial service. We are delighted to work with Verizon on this journey to create unprecedented user experiences powered by 5G.”

Last week, Verizon successfully completed the FDD Massive MIMO connection trial for 5G Networks in collaboration with Ericsson and Qualcomm Technologies.

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The 5G networks might be power consuming for mobile devices, hence, it will be initially rolled out for fixed-wireless installations in homes. The first commercial 5G services will be available in Sacramento, California in the second half of 2018.

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