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Velostrata accelerates enterprise cloud migration to Google Cloud Platform

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Velostrata, a leading provider of cloud migration and mobility solutions, announced its alliance with Google Cloud to make it easier for enterprises to mass migrate on-premises workloads to Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

New GCP-Velostrata-integrated solution can perform the workload migration up to five times faster than traditional methods. The accelerated migration will not only save time, but also maximize application uptime, and lead to significant TCO reduction.

Cloud migration has become an integral part of the IT initiatives with the modernization in datacenter, and digital transformation. With more enterprises migrating to cloud, Velostrata focuses on eliminating the barriers to cloud migration.

“We cater to the intersection of these needs by offering customers a new ‘right-sizing’ feature that monitors their actual (vs. over-provisioned) utilization per workload on-premises and migrates these instances to appropriately sized and often lower-cost instances in the cloud. Together with Google Cloud’s unique Custom Machine Types capability, customers are able provision just the right amount of resources, thereby avoiding wasted spend,” said Issy Ben-Shaul, CEO and co-founder of Velostrata. 

Velostrata also provides cloud migration solutions for other top cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Migration solutions of Velostrata rely on an agentless real-time streaming technology, which can save up to five hours of IT staff labor per server, the company wrote in the release.

The agentless real-time streaming technology has been integrated with advanced WAN optimization, so that the workloads can run in GCP within minutes. The GCP-Velostrata-integrated solution can transfer the data to cloud in background without impacting the application performance or consistency in data.

The new solution also allows users to perform an ‘instant rollback’ if any problem arises during migration.

“We welcome Velostrata’s ability to help even more enterprise customers increase their adoption of Google Cloud’s highly available, secure, and cost-effective cloud infrastructure,” said Paul Nash, Group Product Manager for Google Compute Engine.

Velostrata migration services can be used by enterprises who want to go ‘all-in’ on cloud, as well as by the ones who want to utilize their hybrid cloud infrastructure better.

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Moreover, customers can take advantage of test-clone feature to pre-validate the performance and functionality of their application on GCP, before migration.

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