Users of Microsoft Word to get ‘Ideas’ while creating docs

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At Build Developer conference 2019, Microsoft has rolled out the AI-powered ‘Ideas’ feature to Microsoft Word Online.

This feature can compete with online grammar checking and editing tools like Grammarly that will help the writers to compose effective writing. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), the ‘Ideas’ will provide intelligent suggestions to users enabling them to perform a wide range of tasks.

It will suggest grammatical errors, improve word choice, suggest synonyms, advise phrase rewriting, improve writing clarity, etc. These suggestions won’t be automatically updated unless the user approves it.

The latest feature will also estimate the reading time of the document as well as explain words in the text. Microsoft Word Online will highlight key points in the document that will help writers to proofread the content quickly.

“Here’s something where we say, ‘Hey, we understand the structure of your document. We can make it navigable, or we could create a table of contents on your behalf,’” explained Kirk Gregersen, a partner director of program management in Microsoft’s Experiences and Devices group.

Microsoft further added that there will be an option to mention people within the document. Here, users can @mention someone within the document for the inline task.

They will be able to assign tasks to colleagues, add a question, comment, etc. This feature will come in late summers, said the company.

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“We want to augment your skills,” said Rewari, the senior product marketing manager for Microsoft 365. “We want to help you communicate more efficiently, effectively and inclusively.”

At the event, Microsoft said that Ideas feature will be available to users of Microsoft 365 for preview in June. It is expected to be generally available by end of this year.

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