Two-thirds of Indian employees predict a surge in international collaboration in the coming year, says Capterra Study

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Capterra launched its latest research involving 500 remote and hybrid employees in India. The study aims to delve into the experiences of employees collaborating with colleagues in different countries and explore strategies for fostering successful global collaboration.

Most employees collaborate with colleagues in other countries every week

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A remarkable 33% collaborate daily with colleagues from other countries, while 31% do so weekly. In contrast, only 9% work with individuals in India.

Compared to 13 other surveyed countries, India leads in daily collaboration, with only Mexico (24%) coming close. English-speaking countries, including the UK (19%), the US (18%), Canada (16%), and Australia (19%), show lower daily collaboration rates.

Of surveyed Indian employees, 81% collaborate with colleagues in other countries at least once a month. Notably, 90% of monthly collaborators began doing so within the past five years, with 48% initiating collaborations in the last year.

Employees express confidence in continued international collaboration growth, with two-thirds foreseeing an increase in the next 12 months, while only 10% expect a decrease.

Global collaboration works, but time zone differences can make it tricky

While improved communication skills (39%) and networking opportunities (38%) are among the top advantages, challenges such as volatile work hours (45%) and language barriers (37%) persist for teams collaborating globally.

Despite the complexities, respondents acknowledge the value of cultural diversity in the workplace, with 39% seeing it as an opportunity for learning and 52% strongly agreeing. Time zone differences pose a significant challenge, with many employees in India navigating 4- to 8-hour disparities.

Despite these challenges, the survey suggests that maintaining project deadlines across borders remains manageable for the majority, with 51% finding it easy and 18% very easy.

The vast majority (87%) of employees in our survey said that their company culture directly affects how they and their co-workers do their work.

Commenting on the survey, Sukanya Awasthi, analyst of the study, said: “Facilitating seamless collaboration across borders is paramount for businesses in India, given the frequent engagement of employees with colleagues from other countries. Our survey indicates positive strides in this direction, although challenges in navigating time zone disparities persist. Effective international collaboration fosters productive local teams and nurtures a sense of value within a global company culture. Ensuring the implementation of the right tools and practices is instrumental for companies to achieve this harmonious and productive collaboration.”

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