Trescon ABC: Embracing the future of innovation and digital transformation

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In the vibrant city of Singapore, an extraordinary congregation of global tech leaders, cutting-edge innovations, and thought-provoking discussions on emerging technologies unfolded at the much-anticipated #TresconABC. Taking place at the prestigious Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Day 1 featured the World AI Show, World Blockchain Summit, and World CX Summit, leaving participants eager for the excitement Day 2 held.

Amidst the digital transformation surge, where AI (artificial intelligence), CX (customer experience), Cloud, and blockchain solutions converge, these co-located events provided pivotal platforms for innovators to connect, network, and collaborate with influential tech titans and C-level decision-makers.

Naveen Bharadwaj, CEO of Trescon, highlighted during opening address “With over 1500+ key C-level attendees, 100+ speakers, 200+ investors and 75+ exhibitors spread across 3 dedicated expo zones, this platform is a showcase of path-breaking advancements that are propelling the APAC region and Singapore towards a digitized  future.” Industry giants led enlightening discussions, offering real-world use cases that paved the way for business growth strategies.

Throughout the day, captivating keynotes and engaging panel discussions covered an array of subjects. Topics spanned the future of customer experience, the rise of green and sustainable CX, AI-driven digital transformation, the influence of decentralized finance on traditional finance, and much more.

Expressing his excitement Mithun Shetty, Vice Chairman of Trescon, said “I am proud that Trescon’s platforms are becoming the melting pot for industry experts and disruptors together to pave the way for a decentralized and tech-driven future.”

One of the remarkable panel discussions at the World AI Show, titled ‘The Synergy of Digital Transformation and AI,’ was moderated by Serene Keng, Director of Value Creation and Communications at EDBI. Esteemed panelists Dennis Lui, Chief Executive of VITAL (Ministry of Finance), Bala Chandrasekaran, MD-Digital Strategy & Transformation and Chief Digital Officer-Asia at Marsh McLennan, Andy Ta Wee An, Chief Data Officer & Director, Data Analytics and AI (DNA) at Synapxe, and Mark G. KOH, Secretary-General of the Central and Eastern European Chamber of Commerce in Singapore,  shared invaluable insights into how AI-powered analytics, personalization, and customer journey mapping can enhance customer experiences and drive loyalty:

Another standout session at the World Blockchain Summit featured a fireside chat on ‘Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs): Trends and Challenges’ between Brian Kuttikkat, COO of India at KoinBX, and Jacqueline Rachelle Yee, Chief Investment Officer – ABE Capital Markets, Australian Bond Exchange. Their enlightening discussion shed light on the challenges related to dynamic liquidity in DEXs.

The World CX Summit also hosted a compelling panel discussion on ‘Frictionless Customer Experience with Digital Transformation,’ with Patricia Mulles, Director and Global Head of Partnerships at She Loves Data, as the moderator. The focus was on creating personalized and efficient experiences using Big Data and Analytics.

Esteemed panelists Natalia Goh, Chief Operating Officer of Trust Bank, Prem Ganesan, Director of Customer and Industry Workflows at Service Now, Nikki Taylow, Marketing Growth Strategy Director, AMEA at UPS, Jerry Lim, Regional Head of Grab Support, Grab Holdings Inc and Soo Huat Chew, Head of Biz Initiative and Enablement at DBS Bank, shared significant perspectives on omnichannel strategies in the age of digital transformation.

Throughout the event, notable attendees like Serene Keng from EDBI and Katja Forbes, Head of Client Experience CCIB at Standard Chartered Bank, contributed their experiences and perspectives. Serene Keng emphasized her insights at the World AI Show and said “Trescon’s World AI Show is a great platform to participate for a good blend of thought-provoking conversations, innovative ideas and diverse networking opportunities. I had a lot of fun connecting with key industry professionals, deepening the discourse around AI’s impact on businesses. Looking forward to future collaborations that spark progressive dialogues in the AI landscape.”

Katja Forbes highlighted the ethical use of technology during her presence at the World CX Summit and said,”Innovation can’t be blind to its consequences. It’s our responsibility to anticipate the morally ambiguous and avoid unintended consequences. Let’s deliberate in shaping technology for the greater good.”

With Day 1 concluding successfully, anticipation soared for what Day 2 of the World Blockchain Nikhil Joshi, COO, EMURGO said, “Looking forward to engaging with peers on challenges faced by the industry, how we might overcome them, and what fruits might we expect for our labours.”

Summit, World AI Show, and World CX Summit had in store—a glimpse into the promising future of this new-age, emerging tech-based solutions.

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