Top challenges for CIOs in a software-driven, hybrid, multi-cloud world: Survey

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challenges for CIOs

Assuring quality user experience (55%), reputational damage (52%) and lost revenue (49%) are the biggest concerns for CIOs, as they transform their organizations into software businesses and migrate to cloud, according to a recent research by Dynatrace.

CIOs IT concerns

In this year’s survey, Dynatrace found that on average, IT teams spend 33% of their time to deal with performance related problems, which costs them around $3.3 million, up 34% compared to 2018. This number has been increasing year over year.

With technology advancements, the CIOs and IT professionals are finding this more complicated to migrate and monitor their operations completely.

Top CIO challenges in 2019

The report points out the main challenges that CIOs are facing in a software-driven, hybrid, multi-cloud world.

Transforming into a software business

Migrating a large amount of critical workloads to hybrid and multi-cloud environments, while keeping the software performing is putting IT pros under pressure. They also have to ensure that migration doesn’t affect their revenues.

In the survey, 44% CIOs said that the inability to manage the IT performance could cause threat to their businesses. As the level of complexity increases, 74% CIOs fear that it would soon become extremely difficult to manage the performance efficiently.

Continuous cloud advancements increase complexity

“The enterprise cloud is dynamic, hybrid, multi-cloud, and web-scale, containing hundreds of technologies, millions of lines of code and billions of dependencies,” the report says.

“However, this transformation isn’t simply about lifting and shifting apps to the cloud, it’s a fundamental shift in how applications are built, deployed and operated.”

Most CIOs use or plan to use new stack technologies in the next 12 months. This, in future, is sure going to make it more difficult for them to manage digital performance.

Customers pressure to deliver competitive and best experiences

The need to deliver best services to customers is highly important now, as the customers can go for better deals and share experiences through social media platforms. CIOs are excessively worried about the revenue and reputational damage.

The migration to the enterprise cloud and the growing demands of the customers are creating extreme pressure on the IT professionals. 76% of CIOs state that they don’t have complete visibility into the performance of application in cloud-native architectures.

How can CIOs address these challenges?

To simplify the day-to-day management efforts, AI solutions are being used. These intelligent solutions might reduce the dependencies in the complex environments, the report suggests.

Majority of CIOs (88%) believe that AI would be critical to their IT teams’ ability to address the increasing complexity.

“As complexity grows beyond IT teams’ capabilities, the economics of throwing more manpower at the problem no longer works. Organisations need a radically different AI approach. That’s why we reinvented from the ground up, creating an all-in-one platform with a deterministic AI at the core,” said Bernd Greifeneder, CTO and Founder, Dynatrace.

The full report is available here.

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