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Top 7 Benefits Of using a GPS Tracking System to monitor Field Sales Force

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Keeping track of sales is critical for the success of your organization. You must know where your personnel are, deploy the appropriate team members, and complete the task. Tracking sales can also assist you in the real-time understanding of issues, bottlenecks, markets, and income streams.

On a typical day in the life of a sales representative, you will notice that they are responsible for several complex tasks. They often send proposals, compose emails, prospect and research leads, set up conversations, and attend internal meetings. To keep track of all this manually can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and prone to errors. An automated system can cut out all this extra work and leave you with more time on your hands. Read on to understand more about how you can get the best out of field sales reporting and monitoring with a GPS tracking system.

Challenges in sales team management

Managers must be aware of their team members’ performance. Knowing this will improve transparency in incentive calculations, assessments, and project allocations. Managers, on the other hand, cannot continue to sift through spreadsheets to assess individual performance.

That is why you want solutions that can assist supervisors and salespeople. Separate applications, on the other hand, will make work more chaotic. What you need is a one-stop solution for both managers and salespeople to track their workers and manage their duties.

GPS tracking system and how it can help

The GPS monitoring and sales employee tracking app is a godsend to the corporate sector. People believe that it requires a “superpower” to determine whether or not their sales staff is functioning effectively, yet it is simple for managers to be aware of all “ongoing sales activities.” It allows for the implementation of superior ideas to maximize income.

With GPS-based check-in, sales agents may check-in at a client’s location and quickly determine the distance travelled, fuel consumed, if a transaction was completed or not, and so on. Some of the larger benefits include:

1. Know where your team is

The sales tracking software’s location monitoring function performs well in tracking the current location of sales agents, which is required for keeping track of their actions. You may simply follow the employee by utilizing the field sales tracking software. The check-in by the sales employee tracking app indicates the beginning of the meeting, and the GPS position is instantly entered in the information as soon as the salesperson checks out. It also keeps track of how long a meeting lasts. Managers may also allocate new customers and meet with clients who are closest to the field employee’s location, saving time, fuel, and effort. The management can make major commercial judgments based on this authentic data to modify the structure of income created.

2.      Find the best route

Long-distance travel requires more fuel and time, which organizations must endure, and this is a waste if a shorter and safer route is available. The GPS monitoring system proposes the optimal route to the employee, allowing them to arrive at their destination in less time and with less fuel usage. You may use the field sales reporting management tool to not only compute the precise distance but also follow the field agent’s whereabouts in real-time and examine the areas visited by the agent earlier in the day.

3.      Fair reimbursement

With the field assist app, there will be no need for salespeople to physically visit the office after each client meeting or once a day to submit thorough reports. It saves a lot of time and gas. However, there are times when sales professionals display more clients and travel a greater distance than real visits. The GPS tracking system provides a solution for this problem since complete data on fuel and mileage for each employee are logged, making it impossible for any employee to take unfair advantage of travel allowances.

4.      Performance assessment

The field force automation tool with CRM capabilities keeps track of leads and their phases. Salesman monitoring software, on the other hand, may make it simple for managers to keep track of salesmen at all times. You may measure lead response time, opportunity win rate, sales efficiency, and even automate the creation of sales performance reports.

 You may also double-check their location and employment paperwork. The GPS monitoring technology reveals critical information such as timely visits, deal closing rate, and the number of customer meetings in a day, which aids in evaluating staff performance.

5.      Real-time information sharing

Your sales employee tracking app makes it simpler to allocate the appropriate assignment to the appropriate individual. With inadequate tools, time zone variations, communication, and ensuring your salesperson prioritizes the most important duties become difficult.

Mobile CRM, for example, provides a clear picture of what is going on with everyone in real-time. In this manner, you can ensure that they are out there performing an outstanding job, which is critical for your sales goals. Real-time monitoring and tracking of sales performance are possible with your sales tracking software. They can also assess their daily outputs and keep track of their daily goals and progress.

6.      Geo-based work assignment

Managers may quickly find and assign job tasks to sales field personnel using a mobile sales app. To keep an eye on the sales force, virtual proximity may be established for the personnel, with warnings issued to management if the staff leaves the vicinity after the client encounter.

7.      Immediate help dispatch

Constant field sales tracking of field force activity aid in overcoming roadblocks in field force management. For example, if the sales force on the field encounters a vehicle downtime issue, the appropriate assistance may be supplied or the responsibilities can be reassigned to another sales field person, which does not affect the conversion rate.


The GPS tracking system is a part of Field Force Automation Tool offers solutions to every problem, such as where the field sales force is, what the field sales force is doing in the meeting, and why deals aren’t being closed, which is lowering the conversion rate. When a GPS tracker is cleverly linked with CRM, lead management, and sales execution, managers can see what’s going on in the field without physically being there. It provides representatives with the tools they need to improve their sales success.