Top 3 IT Support trends that will help you grow your business

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With several countless technologies being promoted as ‘the future’s big thing’, it tends to be hard to tell which one will be appropriate for your organization.

Some technologies can’t be used in specific areas, others may just suit bigger organizations. So, what could work for your business at the present time?

Here we are going to discuss the most interesting IT support trends, and how they can bring effectiveness, better client experience and business development to your organization.

1. Having tiered Support Levels

Helpdesk is a platform many organizations provide to solve their consumers’ problems regarding their IT-related services and products. The help desk is also called IT support.

The help desk software market share is projected to reach $11 billion by 2023 according to Transparency Market Research.

IT support consists of many levels or tiers depending upon the complexity of the problem. Providing this type of IT support is becoming a new norm for IT companies to resolve their consumer’s issues regarding their services and products to engage them in a better way.

·       Level 1

Level 1 is a basic help desk designed to resolve basic customers’ issues such as Password Resets or initial inquiries regarding your services.  Level 1 is operated by basic-level trained employees to solve these kinds of basic problems and inquiries. If L1 cannot solve any problem, it escalates to L2.

·       Level 2

This level of support is meant to resolve deep technical issues that cannot be handled by Level 1 support. This support level is operated by personnel with deep technical knowledge and maybe they are the programmers who designed and developed the product but not necessarily. If L2 cannot solve a problem the ticket escalates to the next level of support.

2. Virtual contact center helps free up resources with chatbots

A lot of businesses use chatbots to assist clients with talking about their requirements online. This decreases the workload for your support department and allows you to focus assets somewhere else in the business.

Chatbots use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to get what the client needs and react likewise. For more complex requisitions, a client would then be referred to a real client assistance representative by texting or telephone.

One of the vital advantages of chatbots is that an enormous number of the simpler requests can be managed just by utilizing a chatbot, decreasing expenses spent on staffing and office space.

Cloud-based contact places can help organizations further, by empowering call centers’ representatives to work from any place.

3. Virtual assistants can help increase staff efficiency

Many IT support programs help you in different ways and this is one of them. There are currently a few virtual assistants available that can support busy workers to deal with their time without hiring a PA (Personal Assistant).

These virtual assistants use AI to process a few key parts of a business meeting: if a meeting demand has been made, virtual assistants can find a suitable day in the workers’ diary and note the place of the meeting. What’s more, recently developed virtual assistants can understand mockery and humour, and react to different requisitions helping workers, especially business pioneers, to save time.

What do you think are the top IT support trends? Do let us know in the comments section.

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