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Three steps to drive an effective AI strategy

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Digital transformation has become a core part of the business strategies in organizations of all sizes. The adoption of digital technologies helps the organizations to deliver the customers and employees a good digital business experience.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is known as the key driver of digital transformation by senior executives in most of the organizations. However, organizations find it hard to build an AI strategy to leverage intelligent services as a part of the digital transformation initiatives.

A majority of CEOs cite digital transformation as the top priority for their organizational growth. According to Gartner, many enterprises want AI solutions but don’t know what it is, and how they can integrate it into their existing technology stack, and what use cases can demonstrate the most value.

Gartner identified three main insights which every organization should take into account before building an AI strategy.

1. Consider it an essential part of business

Organizations should focus on artificial intelligence as an essential part of the business to enhance performance. There are numerous vendors out there which label the AI according to their offerings. But it is more than just a modern technology and what a particular vendor defines it.

According to Gartner, every organization should ask the vendors a number of significant questions, like “how does your solution enhance my user experience to deliver more value to the business”? and “how can our existing technology stack be integrated with your solution to enhance that benefit”?

2. Focus on improving the user experience

Artificial intelligence has the power of improving the daily lives of consumers, clients, citizens, and organizations. It is a transformative technology that can innovate the relationships between users and organizations. If an organization focuses on improving the user experience, it will get value in return through productivity and innovation.

3. Use multiple AI technologies as one

There are multiple AI technologies out there like natural language processing, machine learning, speech recognition, deep learning, etc. The real power of AI can be experienced when these technologies are combined and used as an aggregated solution.

The best example of combining the AI technologies was presented at the Microsoft Build 2018, where Microsoft and Amazon integrated their virtual assistants, Cortana and Alexa, respectively. The companies demonstrated the integration, where Alexa and Cortana could communicate with each other.

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