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The Ultimate Checklist for Choosing the Perfect Hybrid Event Venue

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The event industry had undergone some drastic changes in the past two years. From the global shutdowns to the new and improved hybrid events, this sector saw them all. Even as things get back to normal track, a large selection of event professionals still holds on to the hybrid model. These events bring together virtual and in-person attendees under one roof. This genre of events has scaled the accessibility rates and has opened up countless opportunities for event organizers.


Around 50 percent of event organizers believe that hybrid events are the perfect solution to bring together vast audiences from different nooks of the world. 


Since hybrid events are going to be the next big thing in the event landscape, it is important to understand its basics. This article will focus on the primary things to consider when choosing a hybrid event venue.  


#Uninterrupted Internet Connectivity for Succesful Events

Since hybrid event involves live streaming, you will need a venue with strong internet connectivity. For a seamless event experience, extra care should be taken to ensure that sessions never get interrupted. A broken connection will cause uneasiness for the speakers and will scale down the visitor engagement rates. Even though most of the event venue comes with WiFi nowadays, choose one that offers high streaming speed (preferably 10GB and above) and low latency rates. 


#Power and Event Equipment

As the hybrid model involves streaming and other activities, you will need to have access to all the necessary equipment to ensure a smooth event experience. One of the smart things is to consider a venue that is fully equipped with all gadgets and can assist you in streaming the event. If you are planning to bring your own equipment, chances are that not every venue can accommodate them.   


Also, check with the venue if it has a power backup to support in the event of a power failure.


#Consider the Venue Capacity

Since the hybrid event accommodates the physical attendees, you will need a venue that can take in all of the audiences. When looking at the venue capacity, always keep in mind that a good deal of the space has to be devoted to the equipment and the crew. So choose the venue size after going through all these points. If your event needs a breakout room or any other unique requirements, make sure the venue comes with it.  


#Option for Preparation

Make sure you get access to the venue at least a day before the event. This will give you ample time to go through the event itinerary and see if the equipment is all set for the upcoming event. Following this process will help in navigating the event and will help you prepare for any possible hurdles.   


#Planning the Lunch

There is nothing new in organizing lunch for your physical attendees. But, since a hybrid event also has virtual visitors, you need a proper strategy when it comes to lunch breaks during the event. Decide what your options are for the virtual audience when the physical attendees go for the lunch break. You can either take a break in streaming so the virtual participants too can have their lunch or you can indulge them with games or other activities when the in-person attendees take their break. Choose a venue with a breakout room to effectively coordinate the lunch activities. 


#Additional Points

Though we covered all the major factors that play a primary role in venue selection, there are still a few points you should consider. When choosing the venue, ensure that all your large equipment can get through the venue space. You don’t want a venue where the doors are too small for your equipment to pass through. Also, maintain an open channel of communication with venue owners till the event to avoid coming across any bottlenecks. Last but not least, choose a venue that reflects your event and your business.


Ensuring Event Safety

Ask yourself the following questions when choosing your hybrid event venue.

  • Does the venue have impeccable hygiene standards and a cleanliness process in place?
  • What are the arrangements for social distancing in the venue premises?
  • Does the venue have a proper record of their employees’ health and what are they doing to ensure the health of the people working for them amid the pandemic?
  • Does the venue promote safe food and beverage catering services?


We hope by now you have a clear understanding of what you are up to when planning a hybrid event. Stick to the above guidelines and you will surely find a perfect venue for your hybrid event.  


Source- The Ultimate Checklist for Choosing the Perfect Hybrid Event Venue