The LoRa Alliance® proudly announces the 2022 contribution award winners, recognizing industry leaders who significantly advanced the LoRaWAN® standard

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LoRa Alliance

The LoRa Alliance®, which is the global association of companies supporting the open LoRaWAN® standard for internet of things (IoT) low-power wide-area networks (LPWANs), announced the winners of its annual Contribution Awards at a live ceremony at LoRaWAN Live Orlando. The awards recognize individuals and companies for their leadership, service, and contributions to the LoRa Alliance over the past year.

“Our LoRaWAN Live events showcase the LoRa Alliance ecosystem’s innovations and accomplishments to develop and deploy the LoRaWAN standard,” said Donna Moore, CEO and Chairwoman of the LoRa Alliance. “Therefore, it is only fitting that we recognize and celebrates our members who have significantly contributed to advancing the LoRaWAN standard. LoRaWAN’s position as the market-leading LPWAN technology is only possible because of our members’ support and hard work, and I am honored to celebrate them today.”

The Contribution Awards program is an annual recognition to honour outstanding leadership, service and contributions to the LoRa Alliance over the past year. This year’s full list of winners is:

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Yannick Delibie, Corporate CTIO, Kerlink, President and CEO, Kerlink Inc.: An active member of the Board of Directors, Yannick has contributed to the LoRa Alliance Technical Committee from its inception and participated in a wide variety of other committees including the Marketing Committee, the Smart Metering Task Force, Utilities Working Group, and served as Vice-Chair of the Roadmap Working Group.

Corporate Award

  • LORIOT: Since its inception in 2015, LORIOT has played a prominent role in the LoRaWAN ecosystem contributing to the dissemination of LoRaWAN technology and its success all over the world. They are an active contributing member across Committees, Working Groups and Task Forces.
  • Senet: As a founding member of LoRa Alliance, Senet regularly contributes to organizational strategy, technology evolution, ecosystem growth, and tactical program execution. Multiple members of Senet’s team actively participate in a wide variety of Committees, Working Groups, Task Forces, as well as sitting on the Board of Directors.

Leadership Award

  • Mostafa Ibrahim of Actility led the successful delivery of the Payload Codec API Specification
  • Davide Orifiamma of Semtech led the successful delivery of the Relay Specification

Distinguished Service Award

  • Milesight IoT: As one of the first LoRa Alliance members in China, the company is committed to developing certified LoRaWAN devices, and providing solutions and in-depth market education. With proactive collaboration with partners from more than 120 countries and regions, Milesight IoT has deployed numerous LoRaWAN solutions in smart buildings, smart cities and smart agriculture around the world.
  • Eric Hewitson, Wyld Networks: His contributions are far-reaching across many vertical working groups, such as Smart Agriculture, Smart Industry, and Smart Utilities. Eric is always active, volunteering and sharing resources for the greater good. He sets the standard for LoRa Alliance member participation and engagement.

Team Award

This LoRa Alliance team was instrumental in recruiting a robust and engaging end-user group to participate in the LoRaWAN World Expo.

  • Bryon BeMiller: Semtech
  • Pierre Gelpi: Semtech
  • Rémi Demerlé: Semtech
  • Rémi Lorrain: Semtech

This LoRa Alliance team followed the vision of the LoRa Alliance to enable IPv6 over LoRaWAN, contributing to all stages of development from technical specifications to certification.

  • Hussein Al HAJ Hassan: Acklio
  • Laurent Toutain: IMT Atlantique
  • Iván Martínez: IMT Atlantique
  • Rémi Demerlé: Semtech
  • Dominique Barthel: Orange

Innovation Award

  • Enthu Technology Solutions India Pvt Ltd. Team Enthu Tech and Xorowin used LoRaWAN to address a very demanding use case and promotes their LoRaWAN industrial IoT solutions across the Indian and African markets.
  • TEKTELIC designed a comprehensive LoRaWAN respiratory health monitoring solution known as eDoctor. It was designed to meet a need for a simple, reliable, low-maintenance and easy-to-deploy wireless device to continuously monitor key vital signs to support early intervention and promote continuous monitoring in high-risk environments.

From our Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

“I would like to thank all members of the Alliance who contribute to this journey towards mass adoption of LoRaWAN connectivity technology. In 2013, Kerlink started our journey with the integration of the first gateway based on Semtech’s LoRa® technology. My personal involvement is daily, and I am proud to participate in this growth by sharing our experience and expertise in this innovative and moving market. The best is coming!” ––Yannick Delibie, Corporate CTIO, Kerlink, President and CEO, Kerlink Inc, Member of the LoRa Alliance Board of Director, Vice-Chair of the Roadmap Workgroup, LoRa Alliance

From our Corporate Award Winners

“Winning the Corporate Award from the LoRa Alliance is a great honor for LORIOT, and we are proud to be recognized for our ongoing commitment to driving the growth and adoption of LoRaWAN technology worldwide. Since 2015, we have been dedicated to enabling IoT connectivity for businesses and organizations around the globe, and this award is a confirmation of the daily efforts of our entire team to help our customers unlock the full potential of IoT. We are excited to continue collaborating with the Alliance and its members to shape the future of IoT and create a truly connected world.” ––Julian Studer, LORIOT CEO & Founder

“Senet is honored to receive the Corporate Award from the LoRa Alliance, and I’d like to congratulate all of those who contributed to another year of historical growth in the LoRaWAN market. As a founding member of the LoRa Alliance, Senet has been active across the organization since its inception. We share the LoRa Alliance’s commitment to the growth and promotion of the LoRaWAN standard and are proud that our innovative approach to delivering cost-effective and highly reliable network coverage has expanded the opportunity for companies to easily deploy and manage scalable IoT solutions where and when they are needed.” –– Bruce Chatterley, CEO of Senet

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